Truth and Bluebirds

Soul Notes: Truth and Bluebirds, 19 November 2009

Truth can be relative… relative to the one experiencing whatever the experience is. For you, the bluebirds are a sign of God’s truth that Life is supportive, that you can trust the innate faith, if you wish to call it that, of the blessing of bluebirds.

For someone else, bluebirds are just there. For another, they aren’t even visible; they don’t even notice such things as bluebirds, leaves, acorns, rocks, and all that you find so meaningful and true.

When you turn your attention to denser, darker energy, you make that energy true, or real, for you. When you turn your attention to Authentic Self, what others call Highest Self, that reality becomes true for you. God IS. This is truth for you. This is Truth, and not everyone believes or cares for this Truth.

The thought you sometimes have that frightens you a bit – “I don’t want to be the only one here”… When you are Home again, Home in the One, then you won’t “mind” it; you will simply “be” it; therefore, it will not frighten you.

The bluebirds aren’t worrying! You could pretend to be a bird, moving where your instinctive guidance leads you, following a path that makes perfect sense to you because, dear one, as you wrote so long ago, you are indeed as the bluebirds, “held in the heart and halo of heaven.”

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