Slain or Sanctified, I Am Deer

Soul Notes: Slain or Sanctified, I Am Deer… 10 December 2009

"The Farm" (Joyner Park, Wake Forest)

A deer and I came close today at the farm – close meaning 50 feet apart – and we stopped, still, staring at one another for 15 or 10 or 2 or 30 seconds, and then he flew away. I heard (or had the thought), “I am Deer. I reside near you, but not with you. I live with my kind; you are not my kind.” I sat to write down what my Self might share…

Worlds collide. Deer world and Human world share certain edges that permit you to be aware of one another. Deer prefer to be left alone in the forests, but humans prefer to either slay or sanctify them. You fall in the latter category. But then, you are continually sanctifying all that you see.

For you, Deer represent the elusive connection you long for within Spirit, within form-as-Spirit. Your prayers of gratitude and blessing for a deer’s living grace on your planet when you see a carcass by the roadside are your way of honoring all that Deer represent to you – an etheric world glimpsed, ephemeral, its bare availability evidenced to you by fleeting appearances, all the more precious, then, for that reason. And for that reason, you long to move into Deerform once again.

You are One with the All; your heart’s longing is the means to recall this Truth. Be at peace in the Oneness while loving the longing. It is this very longing that keeps the connection within your Mind; your Holy Heart, remember, never leaves this Truth.

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