Just Ridin’ Down the Road

Soul Notes: Just Ridin’ Down the Road, 23 December 2009

Your state of being determines your happiness, or lack thereof, as well as all other experiences based in feeling. You are still not convinced that you are able to dip your gourd into the All That Is and deliberately choose a “state of being d’jour.” As you continue to experiment with the practice of choosing how you feel, you will find the truth of this Truth to be of great use to you.

Perhaps a bit more attention to the exercise of choice as it pertains to your daily state of being will serve you at this time, and perhaps for just one day, give up worry. You will have ample opportunities to pick it up again. What have you got to lose by giving up worry for one day? Only a day of worry. Out of the thousands of days of your lifetime, one day without worry is not enough to cause damage or wreak havoc upon your carefully constructed vigilance! You know that our tongue is in our cheek as we say this to you, which we do so lovingly.

“I’m just ridin’ down the road with the sun ridin’ over my shoulder, the winter trees stand sentinel in the green piney grove.” The songlet that came to you last Thursday occurred when you were in the state of being we have just described. Your sudden awareness as you drove to Durham that afternoon of your only “job” at the moment being to drive down the road is exactly what we are speaking of.

Sing your song, Amy; be in the moment of your life knowing beyond all else that you no longer need to be vigilant, ever looking ahead or behind. The Sun, the Light, is riding over your shoulder showing the way; the bare hardwoods, so visible among the evergreens now that Autumn has given way to Winter, are symbols of what you have come to call us, your “Circle of Timeless Ones.” And yes, as we always have, we stand sentinel along the road of your life.

Blessed be.

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