Beyond the Beyond…

Soul Notes: Beyond the Beyond… 10 January 2010

With our peace we surround you, dear Amy, and offer our love and gratitude, and yes, our joy at your movement. Your diligence and dedication to staying the course, even when you did not feel you could take one more step, has brought you to this place of deeper clarity and wisdom, and to at least the edges of the Farther Shore. Your much-loved quote from the Buddhist tradition, written years ago on your kitchen blackboard, has entranced and led you all these years: “Beyond the shore, and the farther shore, beyond the beyond where there is no fear, go.”

Having held to this beatitude all these years, it is indeed what will come to be – a  trust beyond fear, a resting in the peace that marks the Highest Light. However, completion only exists relative to the movement of time. One thing seems to end, yet leads to the next. Even though death and breath (so connected) seem to start and stop, the movement never ceases. Death begets the next inbreath while the last outbreath allows life to reinvent and reveal itself.

In the darkest night on your duality world the light sits, patiently awaiting its shining turn; in the brightest light of day the shadow rests on its haunches, primed to pounce. But beyond the beyond where there is no shadow, the  Great Central Sun you call God, this still point of Heart’s Pure Light… This is the Farther Shore to which, riding upon its “last” slow inbreath, you will one day return.

Blessed Be.

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