Waltz For The Child

Waltz for the Child Click to listen (will open a new page)

As a singer-songwriter, sometimes I find that songs all but write themselves. In the case of “Waltz for the Child,” not only did the baby arrive practically entire, it was a virgin birth, coming of its own free will. Though not announced by Gabriel, the message it brought was apparently asking to be disseminated. I am grateful to have heard – and answered – my Soul’s request.

At the time of the song’s composition, I was preparing for my “Promise Into Life” ceremony, a public acknowledgment of dedication to Great Mystery, Tao, All That Is. In addition, the service was to be a celebration of my completing graduate school in Applied Healing Arts and, concurrently, my having been ordained a Minister in Integrative Healing. While music would be a significant part of the service, I chose not to include any of my own compositions. My Highest Self obviously had a different idea.

I remember distinctly the Saturday afternoon in June when the knock on the heart came. I was sitting in my rocker on the screen porch, my “home away from home” for at least six months of the year. Not many of my songs appear with lyrics ahead of music; most are written by first “messin’ around” with some guitar lick or chord progression and then letting the words and melody follow. Not this time.

I picked up the legal pad and found I was suddenly writing about my early childhood/adolescence and the healing journey that ultimately ensued. By the time the song was finished the next day, I had come to terms with the fact that something musical of my own was to be shared on that upcoming August afternoon.

I knew that singing it live was out of the question. Uh-uh; not this song. What to do? I decided to call on the Tims family, local musician friends who recorded my January 2002 concert (my first in fifteen years), which I performed to raise money for grad school. I knew I could record “Waltz For The Child” in their home studio. If I was lucky, maybe Lindsey (Ray’s and Dell’s musical prodigy son), would not just record it, but play guitar with me.

Be careful what you wish for! The addition of Lindsey’s fiddle, bass, keyboard, mandolin, and second guitar… Well, see what you think. The result was more than I could have hoped for, and certainly more than I ever expected.

Once again, just today, this family comes through for me. From Vermont of all places, Lindsey created an mp3 of the song and uploaded it to the “Waltz For The Child” page (a link on the “Articles and Songs” page) of my website. Soon, his mom and I will post it on YouTube, something I’ve been hoping for since last summer.

Thanks, Tims Family.

Thanks, Highest Self.

Most of all… Thanks, Amy Lou. You are my Wonder Child.

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