At the Farm, Lumbering Through

Soul Notes: At the Farm, Lumbering Through, 15 January 2010

The Wall at "The Farm" (Joyner Park in Wake Forest)

As you sit on your needle-strewn ground, breathing in the scent of pine, you are surrounded by the Faeries and Devas you once longed to know were real, but were told were imaginary. Welcome them through the sendings of your heart…

Beloved Faeries and Devas, I am humbled to sit here among the life and beauty you so devotedly and joyfully care for. From my spot on this ground, everywhere I look are tiny, horizontal filaments illumined by the sun, web-lines strung from wee branches to tufts to stalks, shimmering lines of light danced by barely moving air.

I walked into this small stand of pines and automatically destroyed scores of these dancing filaments, visible only because they are backlit at this precise moment by a day’s not-yet setting midwinter sun. What my lumbering through destroyed will likely be re-woven, though, if the weavers are still about.

Of course, I am not the only warm blooded creature who walks among the web-lines. Deer, ‘coon, ‘possum, squirrel, beaver, badger… all ramble or bound or scurry across this needled carpet that I would insult by calling a “floor.” Floors are for man-built structures that keep pine out, not for the great ground’s upper derma. Terra Firma, blessed Earth.

Today’s respite from weeks of intense chill has brought out all the two-footeds, many with their wheels (strollers, bikes, skateboards, scooters) and pawed companions of all makes and models. Tonight will be happier for all of them because they moved today through pine-ful air. Happier for me because I sat among the wee angels of Earth’s holiest realms.

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