Giving Over to Life

Soul Notes: Giving Over to Life, 16 October 2009

[Note: From time to time, I communicate directly with my body. The following post is from a communication with my knees and legs.]

Dearest Knees, I know that you are carrying much for me. Are there things that you would say, or is there something you would ask from me? I am open to your direction and to your needs. Thank you.

Only by completely giving over to Life will the flow of life be renewed in us, your legs. The heaviness in us is, in part, the culmination of many lifetimes of burdened living and, at times, an inability to “get over” Life, or to conquer Life’s travails.

For Life to circulate through you, faith in Life’s wisdom – in spite of its seeming randomness – must be present, or cultivated. You have done much work toward this. Yet, deep below the surface, there still lives in you the fear that you may not be able to really trust Life to support you; you still believe that you must “do it all” yourself.

As you know, it has become harder and harder for you to stand alone. And yes, in the past there has been much loss and reason for you to feel alone. Perhaps a renewed willingness to open to the possibility that something yet remains to be revealed if you will continue to walk toward the unknown places where it may reside. We, your legs, will carry you if you will permit yourself to re-ignite the hope that God is more than an impersonal energy and that your heart’s deepest desire is not remaining to be met, but already IS met, already exists and asks for your acceptance. Do not stop your beautiful walk within your heart, for it is there you will find your love, appearing there as God’s love for you. Breathe in your heart’s desires, breathe them in constantly, knowing they can only exist because their fulfillment, once received through Self love, is assured.

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