The Breath of a Bee, the World on a String

Soul Notes: The Breath of a Bee, the World on a String, 13 February 2010

Letting go of your holding and clutching of the running-under-the-surface belief in a singular, isolated existence means that you make room for the larger belief that you are literally being taken care of by the Power that made you. You have thought that you believed and trusted this, but you have found out recently that this is not so. For in spite of the healing work that you have completed, the tentacles of human history’s common thread of belief in separation and unworthiness run deep in all, and you are no exception.

You have recently seen firsthand how one’s “personal” energy works, how it is not private, but permeates all living things within its field, often changing the circumstances and experiences of those life forms. As you so well know, Life is one great web of being; the breath of a bee sends a ripple throughout the web, creating a set of replies and responses within the entire kingdom of Life. As impossible as this may seem to many, it is Truth.

Your fears and worries, along with your love and faith, affect in various ways those you live with – and be assured that all are affected. Going back to our first sentence about the inescapable impact of belief, you will see the key point of this message: Belief is all-powerful. What you believe is the basis for your creation; creating, whether conscious or unconscious, is what you “do,” is what you came here to do so that 1) you could “have fun and make things,” as a child might say, and 2) you could come to see clearly exactly what it is that you believe so as to critically ascertain the life-giving nature of those beliefs. In other words, to be able to ask yourself, “Can I look at my kingdom, my personal creations, and call it Good?”

If you can answer affirmatively, and if –  this is a big “if” –  you can also determine that the kingdom you have made causes no harm, then you know that you are living within your true Heart and your right Mind. You are thus linked in certainty to the one HeartMind, as you like to call It.

This is what each of you came here to do: to believe and then remember (in spite of what you might perceive along the way) that you are one with God, inseparable from the Great Web of Being, and personally responsible for the impact of your creations upon It.

When one is still asleep to Truth, one cannot be held totally responsible for that which is created in the sleep state. Ignorance of universal and cosmic law is a bit of an acceptable “excuse.” When one awakens from sleep, however, one’s responsibility to Life increases exponentially at the level of one’s awakeness. To be fully Awake and to willfully decline the “change of heart” that normally accompanies such awakening (a rare occurrence, but it has happened) means that one is choosing to perpetuate harmfulness over holiness. Because of the interconnection of all things, such intentional destruction yields potentially dire consequences for the “rogue soul,” as it could be called, and it must be given every chance to forgive itself, to choose what it will “give for” its errors.

As you know, forgiveness is generally misunderstood on your planet. You dug deeply into Mind to find the meaning of forgiveness by dissecting the word “forgive.” You thus came to understand that it means “give for,” as in “What can be given NOW for what was given THEN because of my forgetfulness about who and what I am?”

Once ignorance of Truth is no longer present, the rogue soul is then given several opportunities to forgive, or “give for,” beginning with itself for its decision not to love, but harm; to give compassion for its glee at causing suffering; to give recompense for what it happily stole.

Across the long span of all existence, there have been only a few instances in which a soul has refused repeatedly to “give for” and remains unwilling to turn back to seeing the Light, and thus continues in its harmful miscreations (what you might call diabolical creations). In effect, the soul refuses a healed heart by saying “No” to Love. After denying all opportunities to choose Love and Life, this soul is no more. When such a choice is made, however seldom it is, all Heaven weeps.

As Jesus teaches, all that must be forgiven is your forgetfulness. Gladly “give for” your forgetfulness your gratitude for existence, your  joy at being alive and being taken care of, and your childlike delight at being given the whole world on a string just so you can sit on a rainbow with the string around your finger, spinning into creation ever more love, ever more beauty, forever and ever.

Blessed Be.

© Amy Pierce and In Spiritual Wonder, 2010. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Amy Pierce and In Spiritual Wonder with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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