Movement in Stillness

Soul Notes: Movement in Stillness, 27 February 2010

“Sufficient unto the day” comes to mind. I’m choosing to see the glass as half full, though it sure looks more than half empty…

Yes. You are walking the path of trust and faith more easily now. It’s no longer a thin line, no longer like a balance beam. Though you might decide to think of yourself as a gymnast who has developed the muscle and skill to move gracefully through the air and across the floor.

When the heart commits to your walking arm in arm with That Which made you, nothing can hold you back. Promptings from the “beyond” are really the whisperings of your soul, which sits literally just above your physical heart and awaits patiently, yet expectantly, your listening.

You have become remarkably Still within your current job of tightrope walker and floor tumbler. You are creating stillness within movement, movement within stillness. In stillness of heart resides the knowing that by focusing in and on the present moment, each thing moves to its natural and timely completion.

Love is like that. Being present to the living of each moment is an act of love, revolutionary in its fullness of faith in just this moment, just this noticing, just this attention right now, right here. You literally create the “time” that you need by being in this moment only, whatever it is.

Actually, being “here” is literally being “no where” – and nowhere is the “now here” place of time standing still.

Movement in stillness is a lovely thing, don’t you think?

Blessed Be.

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