Fear is a Tightening Agent; Look to April

Soul Notes: Fear is a Tightening Agent; Look to April, 16 March 2010

Dearest Amy, you are not alone. We are ever present, always near, holding you and moving with you as you navigate the current circumstances of your livelihood and the seeming lack of necessary sustenance. Your faith is steady; you are simply in a place at this time that asks a bit more of you. Your weariness is understandable, as all humans are experiencing much fear and worry at this time. Please permit us to open your eyes to more than you currently see.

When humans are traversing territory of fear and the cleansing of fear, much of their spirit can seem to close down. Your own spirit is feeling this because fear is a tightening agent; you can feel it in your body, especially in your neck, shoulders, and upper back. You are also feeling the fear and closing down of others.

As you know, time is speeding up. When we say this, we speak of the fact that so much is being asked of all of you relative to your inner work that it seems as if you do not have much time. Your internal “clock” has hastened your world – your personal, inner world – and you feel as if there are outer forces pushing you. To the extent that there exists an “outer force,” then you are correct. We would prefer to say that there is only an Inner Force and that this is what creates your outer experience.

Humans are awakening to the Inner Force, coming to it in droves, we might say. For some the movement is like labor pains; for others, the movement is like turning a corner and seeing paradise; for others, the movement has been a long, slow march through all kinds of weather and across all grades of terrain. You know which description best fits your movement, though all three have been present at times.

Ever the stalwart soldier, yours has been the movement of the infantryman following a distant leader, so distant he can’t be seen from the soldier’s position so far back in the platoon. Over time, the unrelenting infantryman has risen in the ranks to find he’s now in a position of leadership himself. Yet he does not know for certain that he’s the right man for the job; he doesn’t feel up to the task. And he’s so very tired from the march.

We have told you that there will be improvement in your circumstances. This is truth. We have suggested you would best be served in the movement by believing that you will be taken care of, and you have risen to that, held to it. We only add that, here and now, as you find yourself in the grip of fear (not only your own), that you open to the possibility that the current heightening of fear and its escalation into old, familiar patterns and places be evaluated. Evaluated to determine if these patterns and places are a help or a hindrance at this time. If a help, then by all means remain in this state of being; always there are opportunities for learning from any state one finds oneself in, and learning is helpful. If the evaluation shows them to be a hindrance because they increase your body’s pain level, disturb your sleep, cloud your thinking, and disrupt your peace, then may we suggest you bundle them up and set them aside, knowing you can always pick up the bundle again?

Setting it aside means choosing – very deliberately – another view, another state of mind and heart, another outcome. We suggest starting with another outcome, the one you most prefer. Conjure it. Then, amplify it to the point at which you feel that reality just as if it were present now. It is present, has been “pre-sent” and is awaiting your focus. All realities exist in the Morphic Field as potential in any moment. It it your focus that determines which reality materializes at any given time. You are more than capable of choosing in this way.

You well know that for you to make space for something bigger, the too-small, too-tight must be transformed  – or, more literally, dissipated and returned to the Stream of Possibilities. You do this best by allowing yourself to discharge. You have been plodding forward, only permitting the occasional dip into the emotions you’ve been holding in your body (that’s what soldiers traditionally do). Giving yourself time to clear the windshield is necessary, and we would lovingly suggest that you have not been doing enough windshield wiping.

The long march will end in this month of March. At the Equinox, take time to claim your new role as leader; also, acknowledge your endurance, fortitude, dedication, and Selfness. Then look to April, so near at hand. Your love for words and their derivations led you to look up “april” and to find that it harkens back to the goddesses of fertility. You knew this already. Look to April, Beloved Light (Amy Lou), and trust your resurrection. Trust, too, with thanksgiving, that which your spirit permits you to hear from your Highest Self and from us, your Circle of Timeless Ones. We are ever near; you are loved.

Blessed Be.

© Amy Pierce and In Spiritual Wonder, 2010. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Amy Pierce and In Spiritual Wonder with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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