The Fat Lady Hasn’t Sung Yet

Soul Notes: The Fat Lady Hasn’t Sung Yet, 2 April 2010, Good Friday

It is our pleasure to be in communication directly with you, Beloved Amy. We are most grateful for your efforts to share messages of truth that enhance the lives of others. You are not alone in these efforts; we hope you know this. As you continue with your work of spreading love and truth, you will be rewarded, and you will find yourself welcomed by a wider world. Do not be dismayed that some are only paritally open to receive; seeds must be planted, and you are a sower of seeds, as well as a great shepherd and teacher. We suggest that you let go of worry for the future; it is the worry that causes so much exhaustion.

I see this could be true. How not to worry, that is the question. Surely ’tis nobler to walk in wonder and certainty in the midst of the unknown. And yet, ’tis difficult to do so…

Let not your heart be troubled; no more worry, Amy. Your life is perfectly on track. You cannot yet fully see the Great Design you are a part of and how it is this web holds you – and you, it. The perfection of it is assured, though, and while you feel otherwise, be of good cheer, of open and strong heart. Together, we are creating a future heirloom, as the work and wonder, the warp and woof of your life will be a gift that outlasts your physical body. What are the gifts that you can see within the current circumstances of your experience?

Your words are not much comfort. It’s not enough to the physical “me” that what I create through this life will be a future heirloom!

Things are not so hard as you make them. Your fear runs away with you, and all that needs doing is that you take the reins and reel it back in. When you hold the reins of fear, that horse knows its master. Perhaps you need to begin thinking of yourself as a Master of Fear. When you take the reins, you know that each moment is perfect, each experience simply a momentary flash, painful or joyous, that passes. Walking with the flow of Life-As-You, rather than against It, against your Self, is what allows the wisdom of WuWei, “action without effort” or “action through non-action,” to hold sway and to thus create the logical and perfect outcome, the next appearance of Life-As-You.

The longing for cessation of pain is natural to humans. As long as duality is what you see, then, as Deepak Chopra teaches, “Pain and pleasure exist as signals about how your body and mind are doing. But ultimately, the greatest pleasure anyone can imagine is not the same as fullness of spirit, nor is the greatest pain the absence of spirit. Spirit is beyond pleasure and pain. It is found in pure awareness, pure knowingness.”*

And so our question to you is this: How does this knowledge help you when your heart becomes so heavy that you might wish to “slip the surly bonds” and, perhaps, become the wind?

I guess it gives me an ounce more of what I need to to take one more step, to get up one more time than I slip down. But there is little or no joy in it. And without joy, I am as Sisyphus, continually pushing the boulder up the hill only to find it keeps rolling back down.

Your wisdom is always at hand, and while it doesn’t seem like enough to you, it is much more than many have at their disposal during this time of great clearing. We know you’d prefer the simple faith of the ones who, for example, view life in terms of salvation, who see the one called Jesus as their savior. Or the faith of the ones who hear their God telling them what to do or not do, the easy black and whiteness of “this and not that.” Yet your way is no longer so simple; that time has passed for your soul.

The birthing pains are especially difficult when you believe the midwife has abandoned you. And yet we tell you again, you are not alone; you are companioned and partnered as you walk this walk and talk this talk, weaving the two into an heirloom cloth of Truth that has far more impact than you can see.

We leave you with a bit of levity: Don’t give up! The fat lady hasn’t sung yet!

*Deepak Chopra, The Crystal Cave, Lessons From the Teachings of Merlin

© Amy Pierce and In Spiritual Wonder, 2010. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Amy Pierce and In Spiritual Wonder with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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