The Music in the Night

Soul Notes: The Music in the Night, 6 May 2010

In the cool of the Spring morning, all Life is clamoring in exultation, not consciously aware of “God” – as in “something out there” – just simply inseparable from morning’s Light as it brings into sight once more the daily infusion of infinite possibilities for the glorious busyness of being alive, what Neale Donald Walsch’s* books call “God ‘godding’.”

Isn’t that the most wonderful expression?! Just look around; God is godding! The fervor of the birds, whose godding can never wait for daylight, shows up as singing in the wee hours of morning’s darkness. Unable to be contained, so much to sing about, so many expressions of Life to exult!

For you humans whose slumber is erratic and often interrupted in those wee hours, the godding birds are reminders that Life is present in you, too, constantly arising, perpetually opening in and around you with its invitation to sing. The irony is that, rather than lie abed entranced by birdsong while darkness sings for you, soothes you back to sleep, the music in the night becomes an irritant, a cacophony against which windows are closed, hearts shuttered, and possibilities for renewal thwarted.

Arise, ye Children of Light! Take up your pallet and walk into the singing! Sing your heart out in praise of one more day, one more glorious day of being, one more moment of God godding as you. Then, at Eventide, at the dimming of the day, recall the music in the night and know that always, always something sings.

Blessed Be.

*Conversations With God, Neale Donald Walsch

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