The Shining Hour

Soul Notes: The Shining Hour

The unexpected pleasantness of this August 7th morning, an anniversary of a past trauma, is a reminder of your sweet soul’s love for you and for your life.

Current difficulties are avenues of growth, as you well know. And still you permit yourself the joy of the morning air and its chorus of sound – squirrel-talk, birdsong, children’s voices, a neighbor’s cough.

It is your deep interconnection with Life (and very deep awareness of this “Inter-Areness”) that allows you to notice the music around you all the time; whether that of nature or human struggle, you are aware of it all. It could even be said that, in the greatest sense of Truth, you ARE all of it.

In your grief work yesterday with the little girl who is mourning the death of her dog, it was both your experience of pain and suffering and your delight in  beauty and all of nature that brought healing to this child. The common wounds of childhood that you know so well, coupled with a heart that hears the singing of rocks and seeds, is what enables you to work with those who find you.

Yet, seldom has someone found their way to you who reflects your own Spirit so much as this child. In her you saw yourself from another vantage point; in you, who she is was affirmed.

Do not underestimate the power of the double gift of Light and Shadow. It is this that has made you the healer that you are. And it is the reason that an eleven-year old girl, one who may not be fully seen and understood by those closest to her, can truly shine to herself when in your presence. The shining hour will last for her, as did yours with your eighth-grade English teacher.

In and from the Light that can hold and heal the Dark, we are your Circle of Timeless Ones and we thank you.

Blessed Be.

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