Coming Home to Roost

Soul Notes: Coming Home to Roost, 13 August 2010

Nothing matters more than the open heart as one moves about this hungry world. And open-heartedness, dear Amy, is the hallmark of your soul. Never fear that your prayers for others miss their mark. And never fear that the prayers for the integration of your own soul’s individuated aspects go unheard.

The meditation you just completed to integrate those aspects indeed brought about, at least at the current level of possibility, what you intended. And yes, the little orbs of light sailing your way were real. The one Old Aspect you thought you imagined (“saw” would be more accurate) who turned away in shame was the primary one you went out to find. As you so kindly, lovingly encouraged the old one in her heavy, worn robes to come into your embrace instead of turn away, as she had done, your open-heartedness found its mark once again.

The ancient robed one believed there was no place for her (it had seemed to be such for ages upon ages); yet, as you spoke to her and opened your arms to welcome her into the heart’s chamber, letting her know that it is she who is most necessary for the rest of you to be fully whole, she came willingly. And it was then that she-as-you wept.

You have made room for the part of you that has felt that it would always lack a place of belonging, so now the house of your belonging has a light in the window for all the world (your soul) to see. When the heart’s light shines fully and finally on all the soul’s lost and lonely aspects, all its angry and arrogant aspects, and all the healing, honoring, and serving aspects, they can no longer roam, ignorant of one another, and so must come Home.

Your job now is to keep the light burning even during times when you can barely remember the Call you put forth at this August, dimming-of-day time, that precious and magical “betwixt and between” stillness you so love. And we tell you, too, that it will now be by your Being, more than your Doing, that your Soul will be known to Itself. So keep an open door on your house of belonging that you may welcome the going out and coming in of light, love, compassion, peace. The brave and brilliant, once-young chicks (natural coop-flyers every one) are at last coming home to roost. May you rest well tonight, dear one, in the embrace of your open-hearted belonging.

Blessed Be.

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