What is My Mission This Day?

Soul Notes:  What is My Mission This Day? 1 October 2010

For you, Amy, the “love essence” of who you are is very strong. However, we know that you often feel that you are failing. This is so very far from the truth. Put aside the measurement of not having clients; it’s an old tool of comparison that no longer serves you. Don’t compare yourself to another, as this does not serve your highest good. Instead of focusing on “needing” clients, in your daily thoughts focus on your service to others as your goal and mission. Shift your thinking, then, to your “daily mission” in order to know and live your divine purpose.

Stress has made you fearful and allowed you to switch your focus from your daily mission to a belief that you have to have clients to fulfill your misson. Focusing on your mission is what leads to alignment with your purpose, which then brings you into balance and harmony. You fall into a place of fear simply because you are not able to focus on your true identity as a soul who has come here to be of service. And being of service is both your heart’s and soul’s desire. The sadness you feel comes from having forgotten how it feels to be in this alignment with your soul; this has occurred primarily because of the fear that is all-pervasive on your planet at this time.

As you wake up in the mornings, ask yourself, “How will I fulfill my mission today?” If there is no one sitting in your office that day, the tools you use to get attention will need to be focused upon: your writing; working on your website; advertising; getting your e-books published. You will become as a magnet if you will each day relax into the happiness and joy about the work you are doing, whether serving others in your office or on the phone, or busy with the activities of a day on the porch with a journal and a laptop.

There is so much fear in the air that it’s all but impossible for people not to pick it up. It impacts their thoughts, even unconsciously, and this has been true for you also. Feelings of desperation, along with all the fear being perpetrated, is what’s holding people at bay. When you make the shift to a place of peace and being of service, clients will automatically come. It will be through this true position of allowing rather than grasping or fishing, about going with the flow rather than taking a gun into the forest hunting for prey.

The shift and turnaround we speak of will be made quickly. Remember how you first felt in your soul, how excited and enthusiastic you were when you first started on this path? Those feelings will return as you change your daily focus to that of your mission rather than the need for clients. Your very existence serves your mission, so live from the highest truth of who you are – a spark of divine fire who knows this and nothing else about herself – rather than from a belief that you are a failure. When the shift is made, you will not have to work at “doing” anything; you’ll simply be in alignment with your purpose and with what you came here to do.

We wish to also remind you about the energy of worry. For example, in your caring for little Ginger, you use worry, which exacerbates her condition, which then means you have to spend more money to try and heal her by buying organic food or products to help her get well. If you were not worrying and focusing so much on her illness, but instead were seeing her as already healthy by using your mind power and being the healer that you are (yes, you too have the capability to bcome a great healer), then she would get well and stay well. Use the right-brain aspects of visualization and imagination to see her already well, healthy, and vibrant. You already know about these techniques, do you not?

Your habits have become those of focusing on illness – both yours and hers. This is a cycle you have been living in for a long time now. So begin to catch the worry, and even shift the word itself by using ones like gratitude, faith, compassion, love, joy. Begin, too, to catch the belief that something is going to always go wrong. These ways of thinking have been in your energy since you were a child. And we know how very much inner child healing you have done. Understand that this is not a criticism, so please  do not hear it as such. It’s simply time, it’s simply alright to let go of such thinking, to catch the thoughts and beliefs and to change the images to those you most wish to experience. Yes, dear one, it is just that simple.

You have a powerful intellect, which you use well, and you’ve become caught in left-brain thinking, leading to a sort of atrophy of your right brain. You are also an extraordinary and gifted artist, however, and  there is a necessary balancing of the left brain by the right that is called for at this time. Let us also remind you that it is time to focus some of your attention on setting boundaries that you need to set – not only within yourself and your thoughts, as we have spoken of already, but with other people as well.

You are in the business of dealing with problems, and that becomes an obstacle to those in your profession of counseling. You (and others like you) take on a great deal of negative energy. This energy is another cause of the current state in which you live. This energy needs to be disposed of daily. We will give you two exercises to use. Please don’t make them complicated; keep them as simple as possible without getting hung up on the details. We suggest that you include them here so that others will benefit from them.

Dear child, we hope you can feel the love we have for you; if not yet, until that time simply know that you are loved very much by us. Know that we companion you as you continue to do the worthy work that allows you to love yourself as we love you.

Blessed Be.

Releasing Exercise:  Use the grounding and releasing exercise of seeing yourself as a tree and letting your feet move into the ground, into the earth where the energy not belonging to you is given to the Mother to transmute it into the energy that feeds the flowers, the water, etc. Then allow Mother Earth’s unconditional love for you to rise up, to come up into and through your feet and legs and circulate through the rest of your body.

Power-Calling Exercise:  Call back your own energy, the energy of power that you have given away [to parents, spouses, lovers, friends; to hurts, beliefs, and belief systems not in your best interest]. You do not need to bring all of this energy back to you, just the amount that feels appropriate. The technique involves seeing a bubble or a balloon, gold in color, above your head. Call back the energy by thinking about the person, belief, or situation; see the energy fill the balloon. When the balloon is as large as it needs to be, allow a valve to open at the bottom so that your energy can flow back into you through the top of your head. Remember to let your right brain be in charge! If the balloon wants to change colors, let it!

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