P.S. Mission Accomplishing

P.S. Mission Accomplishing, 10-10-10

How amazing to at last be able to effortlessly (almost) follow the guidance of my Greater Self. If you read my last post (What is My Mission This Day) then you know of what I write. Grace appears to be unfolding, my own grace for myself, that is, and as I focus each day only upon my mission, my HeartMind’s call to serve – to serve Life, to serve the “resurrection of the Light in us all” –  I am finding more ease, greater joy, and much less resistance than normal to “follow the simple directions, Amy.” I am finding, too, a great relief in the truth of this being my only job. But even that’s not quite right, because it isn’t a job; it’s my raison d’etre.

To know one’s reason for being is one thing; to follow it, another. When that “raison” is so simple, and so simply grand, to follow it is no effort. If all one must do is, well, just “Be” and not “do” so much – ha! what fun! I do feel a sudden urge to add, though, that it’s not completely effortless. I do need to catch the old thoughts when they rise (yes, they certainly do rise), yet even doing that is no longer so weighty. And fear shows up, too, but I don’t give it so much of my attention.

Energy follows energy. As my energy has shifted to optimism and a curious expectancy, I’ve been rewarded by the unexpected gifts of the day. Truth is, a lot of the time it just feels like I’ve been given some kind of permission that I didn’t expect to receive. Sorta like someone said, “Honey, just run on down to the candy store; all that sweetness you’ve been a’hankerin’ for is right there waitin’ for you, right where it’s always been. And don’t you worry about it none ’cause it won’t add even an ounce to your thighs!”

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