Windfalls, Groundfalls, Mystics, and Critters

Soul Notes: Windfalls, Groundfalls, Mystics, and Critters, 21 October 2010

Beloved Circle of Timeless Ones, I honor you… Um, uh huh. I hear your “And do not honor yourself any less than you honor us” as I write this. Yes, I am learning that. And yes, I am loving myself more and doubting myself less as I have been focusing my attention on my daily mission more than on the “absence” of certain things I think I need. It was easier to do that before I looked at my bank balance yesterday, so I’m having to work a bit harder at it than I have been. The unpredicted and so appreciated Windfall of last week will go toward S.S. taxes, much as I want it to go into the the daily living fund! Probably why I’m sitting here with pen and paper in hopes of a dialogue with You this afternoon instead of doing the work that I had planned for the day. Plus, the majority of my day since 5:30 this morning has been focused on taking care of Ginger Kitty – cleaning up, washing her kitchen rug and bedding, cooking for her.

As you invited me to do, I have been worrying less about her and doing my best to see her as vibrant and healthy, happy and contented. I have brought her out to the porch with me on this gorgeous and “WindyFall” afternoon (have brought, too, her litterbox, since she seems to need it every five minutes or so). Took down the Earth Flag (the waving and flapping always scares her) and am hoping she’ll just hop up on the swing to nap as she has done a couple of days this week.

Are you able to relax on your porch this afternoon? We sense your nervousness and suggest you might want to release some of that by way of the exercise we recently shared with you of  moving the energy into Mother Earth and receceiving her unconditional love in return.

While it’s true that you are seeing Ginger as healthy, you are also worrying more about her. We understand the difficulties in disciplining the mind. So do not fault yourself, just continue as best you can to envision her as you know she can be. And for yourself, remember that you have what is “sufficient unto the day,” as the teaching goes. Look around you. Listen to the leaves answering the wind’s push, “knowing” in their way that when the wind blows at just the right angle and speed, and when the level of their decline is exactly right for it, they simply let go and fall to the ground. And in the great groundfall that characterizes this time of year, they transform the little patch of earth upon which they land.

Dear One, you are supported in ways you cannot see – and you are supportive in ways you are reluctant to acknowledge, yet hope are true, as it would help you to make more sense of your experience here on Earth this time. Your abilities to hold a healing light for the world are much appreciated by us. And much undervalued by you, we feel a need to say. When your friend brought the Windfall to you recently she spoke to you about the church’s historically supportive posture for its mystic nuns and how she feels the necessity and “rightness” of such support. She was speaking about supporting you, too, when she said that. In your response you told her that you believe that these mystics, whatever else they were doing, were holding something grand for the rest of the world. You know this to be true; and you now know that there are people here in your world doing the same – have always done so since Time’s beginnings. You do not want us to say that you are one of those “Holders of the Light,” as we might call them, but we are saying that anyway. They (and you) are what is called “anchor points,” and like so many other anchor points around the globe, you have been undergoing trials. Regardless of those trials (unavoidable because of the level of collective fear and other reasons), you are given great support from the unseen realms. You will not be without resources. The more you can focus on the day’s purpose, the greater the diminishment of the trials.

It really is all about vibration for humans. As within, so without. Appreciation greatly elevates one’s vibration. Appreciate that you have a body. Appreciate that you have a home and a wonderful fur person to share it with and beautiful music to listen to as you write on your happy little porch this afternoon. You did not expect to hear this particular song, a favorite of yours. Indeed, the water is wide; many of you feel as if you can’t cross over. But you are not alone in your little boat. It carries Two. Appreciate the boat, appreciate the water. And the Love that rows with you. Appreciate that your heart stirs for the beauty of the song and rises in greeting to your dear Soul, a Soul endowed with great love for the power of music and enlivened always by a great appreciation for and grand connection to all of the wonder of this world.

Thank you, dear friends. Ginger and I have both calmed over the course of this hour in the presence of your generous and loving communication. My little old lady is asleep on the welcome mat instead of the swing, curled like a comma instead of arched like a bridge. It is a privilege to care for her and to have her occasionally sit upon my blanketed lap now that Autumn nights are growing chilly. Sharing the world with critters is such a blessing, and I know that this is one of the reasons for their existence – to bring us companionship and joy and to remind of  the Creator’s love. Hey! – You’re critters, too, in a way!

You make us smile.

Blessed Be.

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