Tempests, Teapots, and the Great Benny Good-Man

Soul Notes,  Tempests, Teapots, and the Great Benny Good-Man, 19 January 2011

[Aslan, the C.S. Lewis character, is what I call my Higher Self; my Circle of Timeless Ones are those unseen holy spirits that guide me, and I include Aslan as one of them. ]

Aslan and Beloved Circle, I have been awake since a little after 4:00. It always gives me such a lift to write with you and so I imagine that hearing from you today would be a great help. It’s just that I feel weary in my Being and have begun to sink a bit. As ever, financial concerns follow me, have yet again risen to the top.

Ginger in office, 2010

And these thirteen months of constant care of Ginger, side by side with worry as she’s continued to decline, have taken a toll. Knowing now that it’s cancer she’s been living with, as was the case with dear Sophie and Niagara (Patience’s illness was heart-related), means my focus now shifts from doing all I can to make her well (none of which could involve veterinary care) to doing all I can to ease her transition (this, too, without veterinary intervention). As it seemed her leaving was imminent less than two weeks ago, a grave was dug in the backyard beside the fragrant Elaeagnus, always visible through my office windows. And yet she lives, still pulling toilet paper down to munch on! I have given her my deepest blessing of release from her body, along with enormous gratitude and love for all that she has done for me and for the bright light she is. I well remember the day she moved in here in March of ’08: “You mean we have this whole house??” She could hardly believe it, she who had been thrown away by her “owners” and was furless when turned in to CARE (Chatham Animal Rescue and Education). Aslan, Circle, I hope I can hear you; am I clear enough today to receive your wisdom?

Dear Child, your tempests are beginning to boil in your teapot. Extinguish the flame under the pot and the tempest will settle down and become but another mis-forecast North Carolina storm. When you are in the valley, look at the valley through your heart and mind, not your fear. The valley holds a beauty that is often greater than that of the mountaintop, which is so often touted as the better place to be. The mountaintop is not usually the safest place to live, though it is a magnificent place to visit since it can provide a magnificent view. Both locations, valley and crest, are rich. And one must spend time in both places in order to be able to find, indeed create, one’s personal “golden mean,” one’s Balance.

In your case, valley and crest experiences are usually ones of extremes between which you are invited to continually create a dwelling place that allows for both a long view and a focused view. The former gives you the greater context of what it is that holds and sustains you; the focused view provides you the raw materials from which to create your experiences and, most importantly, your response to those experiences. In the context of today’s conversation, the golden mean is simply your prime state of balance within and between tempests and teapots.

The moveable feast that is Life – and any individual life – shifts from valley to mountaintop, yet for the most part is lived somewhere in the middle, more or less balanced between the two. What does this mean in reality? Simply put, it means placing one foot in front of the other so that movement within a declared direction is a certainty. Even the frozen river contains movement, so within your own dry spells movement is present and can be increased. Even in the most paralyzing of circumstances movement is possible: through enough thought, prayer, attention, and action the imagined becomes real. Whatever is intently focused upon to the exclusion of all else will increase. Rather than focus on the flooded valley, see it as about to bloom, as already in bloom. Rather than see the mountaintop as freedom from the trials of daily life, see it as the place from which the visible and invisible Whole may be embraced and appreciated.

Ginger, 2008

“Well, I’m still here!” you often say. And as you now know, little Ginger, or Ginny as you call her, is the most recent gift in your life to provide you with the means to assure that you accomplish your purpose and mission here on Earth at the present time. Without God’s beautiful creatures, who have so willingly agreed to absorb the “radiation” of the fear you have lived with all your life, it would be your grave being prepared at this time, not wee Ginger’s. With this truth at last revealed, perhaps you can best honor Ginger and Sophie, Niagara and Patience by staying focused on what you came her to do, which is to serve Truth by sparking the flame of memory that lives in each human heart, that recollection of who each human being is – a Spark of the Divine Love that is the totality of Life, both life as you know it and that which you will come to understand it to be.

When you falter, turn to your heart’s gratitude for Master Ginger’s willingness to serve her mission of making sure your life is prolonged so that you can fully serve yours. The beautiful creatures given to you have been much more than companions for you in a difficult life; by receiving and processing your fear and worry, they have served your ability to remain on Earth to complete your higher purpose. Of course, since 1951, you have been processing and transmuting old negative energies through your body, as you know. With the amount of declared history you came here to clear, you could not have transmuted it entirely on your own. Even after all this work, your body yet experiences constant discomfort.

We know that you, of all people, understand the profound truth of Mr. Shakespeare’s, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” And we know that you are well able to embrace the almost incomprehensible reality of sacred relationship of service between you humans and our beautiful creatures. Teaching such truths is part of your mission in spite of any worry you have of how you will be perceived. Stand tall, brave one. And while we don’t see you doing this, we must ask you to not walk down the road that would lead you to a conclusion that Ginger and the other beloved companions have been in any way sacrificed so that you might remain here. No Being is ever sacrificed by High Love; in no way is this truth. You are a servant of Life and Love and Balance; Ginger is a servant of the same. She knew ahead of time the gift that her life here would be, not only to your journey, but to her own. All things are working together for good. Everyone matters; every sacred mission is needed and valued. And all awakened and awakening hearts have work to do. Had you not followed the promptings, subtle or quaking, of your own heart you would no longer be here.

Nirvana is not the goal. Walking in the Here and Now in a way that serves the One we all are is the work at hand. You and Ginger are as integral to that as anyone who ever lived. So do not permit yourself to fall into a defeated state of mind, which  we know is difficult not to do at times. We trust that Ginger’s service (and that of your other companions) to your mission will be the “re-minding” you will call upon whenever you are perched on the edge.

May you dwell in Love and Peace, the definition of “the house of the Lord,” now and ever after. Of course, there is no ever after, only Now. And Now is perfect. As you are fond of quoting from A Course in Miracles: “What could you not accept if you but knew that all events, past, present, and to come, are greatly planned by One Whose only purpose is your good?” For some time, you have known that this One is none other than You, dear friend.

This, too, is yours to teach so that others will stop projecting blame outward onto brothers, sisters, and God for the direction of their lives and may come to see themselves as the bandleader, their own great Benny Good-man. (We couldn’t resist this final little “tune-ing” of our blessing.)

Blessed Be.

Many thanks to Ginger’s and my friend, Barbara Ellen Borkowski, animal communicator extraordinaire.

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