Predisposed to Love, Oneness, and Peace

Predisposed to Love, Oneness, and Peace

“A life without judgment or restraint, and so without violence and law, can unfold only from a life without fear… The extent or depth of our fear is largely a conditioned response, not a natural one… An irony of history is that a child conceived, birthed, and brought up without restraint of any conceivable kind would never need restraining, not as a child, adolescent, or adult… [O]ur natural state is one of unbroken relationship with our creator, in which everything works together for good as proposed, and … the natural instinct of the child is to maintain that state of relationship at all costs.”**

Near the end of my chiropractic visit yesterday, I asked Angela, my great doc, to muscle test me to find out if the use of sound (via her tuning forks) would be helpful for the discomfort of the tissues in my “seater” – my gluteus region, so often painful. The answer was no, but “journaling” would be helpful. “Journal about what?” I asked. The answer was that I should  start with the current problem and that the rest would simply unfold from thereSo I invite my “seater” to talk to me and help me to perhaps gain new knowledge or additional wisdom about this life shared together. So here’s my opening statement to my seater:

Because you now carry so much physical pain, I know that it’s difficult for you, as it is for the rest of my structure and tissues, to hold yourself in your original structure and inherent state. I am so sorry; and as I write this, tears come to my eyes. Beloved body of my Spirit, I feel that I have failed you. I know that the pain is your adaptation to wounds born of an early misunderstanding by me of who I AM.

You have done nothing “wrong” and there is no failure, only a resultant pain, the source of which you identified above, one that has manifested in and through us, meaning your body and its intelligence. There is only a forgetting, so you are invited, as always, to forgive your forgetfulness. We wish to take the opportunity through this forum to share more of what you already know and live. In doing so, it is our hope that others will be invited to awaken more to themselves.

The most important thing for you to remember is that you are made in the image and likeness of something grand and that you are not meant to be sick and ailng. By “you” is meant all of humanity. Over aeons of your having “lost your collective Mind” and having lost your connection to Heart and its memory of Truth, the MindBodySpirit has adapted in ways that led to a very unhappy world. Seeing death and destruction all ’round and watching your species continually pitted against each other has only solidified the mistaken sense of separation from each other and from the Great Force that created you and all that is. No more can you remember the magnificence of your own Great Force, your Great Self/Selves.

However, more of you are beginning to wake up to the Real, which is that you are a literal Oneness. This waking has taken a long, long time (as you perceive time). The the waking is in its toddler-to-youngster stage. And it will continue to evolve, generating momentum until there comes a time when your planet, and you as living extensions of Her, will exist in peace and harmony. This is not “pie in the sky” Sunday School rap-(ture), but the normal and expected evolutionary result of your very own re-membering – coming back into the memory and membership of – your right mind.

Continue doing your bit for the unfolding of the ultimate reality and truth, just as you teach others to do the same, by holding the vision of yourself as Love; soothing each other’s hearts back into remembering and seeing the so-called other as yourself in Oneness; replacing chaos and destruction with Peace. You are fond of saying, “There is only one of us here.” Hold the truth of that in your heart, no matter where you are, no matter by whom or what you are confronted.

Your demonized human characters, such as Osama Bin Laden, are out-picturings of yourself, projections of your ages-old personal and collective pain. Though ancient, it is reinforced in each current incarnation by the commonly held perceptions of your enculturation. What this means is that you are simply not allowed to fully be who you are.

Little Ramazan, Afghan baby given second chance

You become unconscious to that pain and, unacknowledged and unclaimed, it both goes underground and is sent outward as energy into the world. It is up to those of you who have re-called (called back from the unconscious) your true identity to then project that image, which is Divinity Itself, into the world. At the same time, you are asked to call back and transmute your formerly unconscious projections onto others, and you are responsible for doing this with full and humble ownership.

If you are (and you are) aspects-in-form of a Loving Force that you call God (a rather difficult, and somewhat useless word these days, given all you have mistakenly attributed to It), then act that way! Grow up! Cease making God in your image. There is no punishing God; that belief – wrong as it is – is your fearful creation designed as a way of keeping you in your “place.” As if you are not inherently loving, sharing, generous, welcoming, and oh so warm-blooded. You see, children of a greater God, what you are waking up to is your predisposition to Love, Oneness, and Peace.

Understand that it is a deep self-hatred, not inherent to who you really are, that permits you to act in any way unkindly and unlovingly, whether your stage be that of the wide world for all to see or the inner stage of your secret heart. One and the same when all is said and done. ‘Til each of you faces and heals “the holdings of the heart” (as you, Amy, are so fond of saying), your personal and collective peace, health, well-being, partnership, benevolence, and right-mindedness will not come. You will, instead, continue to create global disasters to invite your hearts to open. Yes, by your unconscious will, you do this in partnership with Mother Earth.

By allowing the split mind to dictate via its belief in separation, you de-throne, or overthrow, the Sovereign Heart. When you come back into alignment, however, with the truth of who you are as One Nation (i.e., Being), not under, but within {God}, the real “polar shift” occurs: the Mind, now in its healed and rightful place, serves the Heart in the divine dance of partnership. With proper discernment in place, you are able to know and choose what needs to be kept and nurtured, and what needs to be pruned away. You plant seeds, ideas nourished by trust in yourself and in the Great Force of Love, that turn into grand gifts of creation and bear fruit for the sake of all Life, your Family, rather than “gifts” that lead to destruction and an ever-increasing sense of despair in the heart of your Home.

Amy, you sat down upon your body’s seat to write with us, your body, about physical pain. You did not know what to expect, nor did you know whether you would receive any answers about that pain. No enduring physical pain manifests without a corresponding pain in the spirit. When children are not permitted to be who they intrinsically are, a rupture in development occurs in the brain. Furthermore, when children are more deeply and more violently abused, the rupture repeats and deepens. They eventually no longer experience an innate freedom of spirit (God-given because they are One within/with God) and they shut down to their inalienable right to “having life, and having it more abundantly,” the inexhaustible potentials and possibilities that are the hallmark of being children of the Divine. Each one of you is encoded with these possibilities. No matter your circumstances, with few exceptions and the right encouragement, all of you can come Home to your Greater Self.

Before we end this message, we wish to amplify your recent experience with a book* that helps untangle the puzzle of what has come to be the human condition, that of the ongoing pain dance so obvious to see on your world. As you realize, this book and the research that underlies it, both personal to the author and general to the world, is of tremendous importance, as it assuredly reflects truths and, as you have noted, integrates all the realms of teaching and wisdom that so move you. You know, as the book confirms, that humanity is indeed “programmed” for transcendence. Fulfill part of your mission on your dear Earth by disseminating as you can the revelations of this book. You have already begun thinking of ways to do this, including starting a Meetup group, Facebook page, and group book study…

One last word concerning your relationship with us, your body:  Sleep more. Walk more when you can. And continue opening your heart to your “seater” and to other painful areas. Your love for yourself, already in place, could be actualized a bit more. Thank you for allowing us to share this time with you and to communicate so directly.

*The Biology of Transcendence – A Blueprint of the Human Spirit, by Joseph Chilton Pearce

**From the above book’s epilogue, p. 261

Image of book from

Click in this text for photo and story of little Ramazan

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