Great Wisteria, Japan (click to enlarge)


What do you do with Jerichos, those times when the walls come tumbling down?

I’ll tell you my tactic: I rant. I cry. I feel sorry for myself (maybe). Then I clean up the mess, say “thank you” to the opportunity for a new perspective and go on my way. And if I don’t yet know what way that is, I wait. I get as still as I can so that I can remind myself to trust that the way will show itself to me when the time is right.

Life’s continual opportunities are more often than not viewed as obstacles. Instead of railing against the “what is” and cursing the so-called obstacle, be the vine. Whether honeysuckle, wisteria, or poison ivy, the vine doesn’t stand there and curse the structure in its path, it simply finds a way up and around and over the thing. It sees all as an opportunity for continual movement, so it just goes about its way.

Your way, whatever it is, will never be manufactured by you according to some script or blueprint, but will be born of your willingness to simply say “yes” – and to wait for the deep wisdom (always present) to be revealed.

Here’s the most important part. It is the wait that is the sacred moment. Even if that moment lasts for hours, days, weeks. The wait is an agreement – with Tao, The Force, or whatever you think of as your own sacred cow – an agreement to trust. Yes, trust. Trust that in your heart of hearts, when all is said and done, you will just Know.

And when you Know, if there’s a blueprint to be used, you can draw one. In the meantime, be the sacred cow and Wait.

“Just like Jericho, let these walls come tumbling down, let them fall right on the ground and let all these dogs go running free, the wild and the gentle dogs kenneled in me.” Joni Mitchell, Jericho

.  .  .  Note to readers: No, there are no walls currently tumbling down in my world. This post is actually about the Water Element (in Chinese Medicine) and a little about Wood, the one that follows it. If you are interested in learning about how to apply the Five Element teachings to daily life, I offer a workshop on the subject. See the About Amy page for ways to contact me.

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