A Home on The Hill; A New Earth

We Are One, drawing by Amy Pierce, painting by Alice P. Johnson, 1974


Thou art God walking this world as Amy; thou art Author of all that is thy life; thou art Creator, for good or ill, of all that thou seest. Be still and know that thou art leaving behind old ways so that new life can take root and grow.

Life as you know it, dear Children of Love, is dramatically changing on your planet and in your personal worlds. All is in flux within a great transformation, the purpose of which is your return to Love. Not love as the world names it, but Love as It Is in your Mother-Father’s house, within which are many mansions, as you have been told. Your neighborhood, that is to say, your planet and your universe, is in the throes of change, of activation, of ascension in consciousness so as to come home, one heart at a time, to the Knowing deep within your heart that has never fully disappeared.

Even with all it accomplishments, discoveries, and creations, humanity has failed to recognize the great truth of itself: it is One. One consisting of the many, “the 10,000 things” that make up the manifest world, but One nonetheless. Without this recognition, there can be no peace on earth, no return to Love. You have been living, more or less, at “street level” and in a neighborhood marked by fear. As we told you once before, fear is a tightening agent, a binder that holds to oneself the various states of mind that lead to suffering: greed; violence; hatred; anger; poverty; abuse of self and other . . .  The word on the street is that the sky is falling. The Word in the Upper Room, however is that the Light is dawning. As each of you begins, or continues, a search within yourself for the hidden rooms of darkness and fear, you shine a light of great importance on all that you have kept your attention away from and have not wished to acknowledge, remember, claim, and  examine. This hidden darkness, within which you have placed all the detritus of your unholy (read, “unloving”) deeds simply becomes an underground incubator of sorts. Eventually, what has been stowed away must rise to the surface. Not unlike a boil to be lanced, the hidden recesses of the heart must be opened.

Each one of you is here on earth now to look within and make peace with what has been hidden away so that humanity’s neighborhood becomes a great and shining Home on the Hill, radiant with a Love you have never known in form, a Love by which all disharmony is balanced and brought to rights. This Love is the Light of Forgiveness, the Light of Possibility and Promise that makes the crooked places straight and turns the long-held darkness into a fertile womb for the birth of peace.

You are meant to shine, dear humans, and so you are now at the moment in time for which you and all the cosmos have been waiting. You are issuing your own invitation, cradled by the Love that is All, to look at one another and say, “I AM One with you.” Such a stance takes great courage and brings with it a genuine humility, for who among you wishes to identify with the liar and the cheat? Who among you wishes to see the rapist in yourself? Yet, until you open your mind and heart to the reality that you, too, perpetrate crimes against nature (your True Self) by the thoughts and beliefs you hold and harbor in the dark recesses of your heart, yoru world will remain in chaos. And though humanity’s destiny IS one of greatness, this greatness is seeded and created one heart at a time. You will move through your ascension in consciousness by healing the holdings of your heart, and it will happen in your own timing.

In this new year, 2012, there is much heavenly support for your efforts. Will you, dear Children of Love, say “yes” to each other’s holiness by saying “yes” to your own,  then by saying “yes” to the One you all are? And in so doing, then be the Peace your heart longs for?

As a man thinketh in his heart, so he Is; and yes, it is done unto you as you believe. From your Belief comes your Knowing; from your Knowing comes your Healing; from your Healing comes your Peace; and from your Peace comes your Home on the Hill and your New Earth, so long promised and awaited, is born.

Our Peace we bring to you; our Peace we leave with you.

© Amy Pierce and In Spiritual Wonder, 2012. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Amy Pierce and In Spiritual Wonder with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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