“In a Few Years They’ll All Die Out”

Just when this native North Carolinian thought it couldn’t get any worse here in The Old North State after the passage of a constitutional amendment to ban same gender marriage, along comes Pastor Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church (3283 Providence Mill Rd, Maiden, NC 28650). He says he’s “figgered a way” to take care of all this stuff (“queers, lesbians, and homosexuals”) that the Bible, God, and he are “a’gin” (Southern for against): He wants to build two fifty- to a hundred-foot-long fences, “electrified so they cain’t get out.” He’ll put the lesbians in one and the “queers and homosexuals” in the other. “Feed ‘em; fly over and drop some food. In a few years they’ll all die out” because “they cain’t reproduce.”

Nice and tidy. Wouldn’t you agree?

Why would I bother, you wonder, to write about this man’s projectile vomiting of ignorance and disgust for his brothers and sisters? And his spreading of that vitriol with the vengeance of a deadly virus? Because there’s something familiar about this story.

Yes, y’all, sump’n’s just a wee bit familiar here.

I b’lieve it’s called the Holocaust.

But wait just a gall-darn minute; that never happened, right?


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One thought on ““In a Few Years They’ll All Die Out”

  1. Amy, as you say, we are walking through a world of wonder. As people find “Authentic Self, Oneness, Spirituality, Consciousness, Enlightenment, Evolution, Whole Person Healing, Integrative Healing” they will never turn back, because they see that living in Love is better than living in Fear. And others, seeing them, see that there is something beautiful about how they live, and want it too. So truth spreads. Do not worry about Charles Worley. His time is past. He wants to do harm, perhaps, but he cannot do much harm: too much good is happening.

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