“It’s Hard to Know…” REALLY? Are you stupid?

I don’t like keeping up with the news. It’s far too troublesome to my highly sensitive barometer called a heart. Tonight, though, I heard that Right whales living in the ocean near Boston Harbor have lost, so far, sixty percent of their ability to communicate with each other because of the underwater noise of large cargo ships in the shipping lanes. And from a story reported August 2012 . . . “The researchers say the racket is cutting down on the animals’ ability to gather and share vital information that helps them find food, avoid predators, reproduce and protect their young.”

right whales

When I heard the first sentence of this broadcast, and the “It’s hard to know how [serious] this could be…” I turned off the television; all I could do was weep – and cry out to God:

“I don’t like it here!it’s not home anymore!it’s too painful!i don’t wanna stay here!”

I wonder if anyone else who heard the news wept as I did, or if they all simply met the sorrow that such news truly is with an idle, “hmm…”

God forgive us our lack of reverence for Life and our total egocentrism.



3 thoughts on ““It’s Hard to Know…” REALLY? Are you stupid?

  1. I stopped listening to the news too, some time ago. It can be overwhelming things like this and the pain we cause not only ourselves, but especially things that are meeker than we are. It is painful to be aware of for sure. I resolved to focus on my own inner transformation because I get overwhelmed and frozen when I focus on problems like these. I feel so helpless. I do what I feel pulled to do and the rest I pray/meditate on, send loving energy, and seek healing within to spread outwardly. I can totally relate to the pain of watching how we hurt little precious ones. It can be disheartening. I have often felt like an alien here because I just don’t understand the priorities and the way we treat each other (including all beings here). I only pray and persist that my healing and love may in some way help to bring more consciousness to the planet and like to believe in a time when we can’t imagine what it must have been like to live in times like these.

  2. I also think of good things people have done for whales. “The Story” on NPR recently aired a story about a young long distance swimmer who found herself being followed by a baby gray whale. She risked hypothermia to stay with the whale until his mother found him again. Very touching. Humans are capable of loving acts and that’s what we must all strive to do. Today, I went to clean out a bluebird box that my Carolina chickadees have used for the past several springs to raise a brood. The box was filled with mud dauber wasp pupa. I opened one just to make sure there were baby wasps alive in there. Sure enough. So, my chickadees will either have to wait until the mud daubers hatch, or share the box with the wasps. I didn’t have the heart to kill the wasps. If you could see the love and care that a mother wasp uses to create her mud chambers and fill each one with a spider for her baby to eat. How could I judge that the chickadees were more important than the wasps?

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