The “Real” Identity Crisis

This morning I received an email from a good friend. Like many of us these days, she is experiencing what I call “The Real Identity Crisis.” I wrote back to assuage the undercurrent of fear and worry I was intuiting, and, as I closed my letter, I realized that what I’d shared might be useful to others. So, dear reader, this may also belong to you . . .

Good morning, my friend, and thank you for sharing what’s going on inside. What I read sent up no red flags. My feeling about this is that you are just where you should be given the “higher” energies that have been released to Earth the last few years, energies that have been especially intense since December, though we’ve been experiencing their “push” on us for a good while.

That influential push brings everything hidden within us up to the surface and into the light for purposes of 1) our recognition of parts of us that have been hidden, 2) an important opportunity to be compassionate with ourselves as we work with what is revealed, 3) the conscious release of negative judgments we’re still holding about ourselves, and 4) receipt of the invitation to give our love to ourselves as we do the work of claiming who and what we TRULY want to be (as opposed to who we think we SHOULD be). In other words, we are now giving ourselves (with help from the higher realms) the opportunity to choose door number One, behind which our True Identity resides. All this to say, we’re invited to both look closely at ourselves AND “go with the flow” without judging as negative who we are.

The identity crisis sensation you’ve described is pretty accurate for the times; the age-old pursuit of the answer to “Who am I?” very much applies these days. AND: that’s a good thing. Stripping away others’ judgments of us first leads us to finally delve, unencumbered by those judgments, into what remains as Our Truth, felt often as a stark “nakedness,” like nerve endings exposed to rarefied air we don’t yet know how to breathe.

Once we move through the Real Identity Crisis, and after peeling off, one by one, all the layers of pain and judgment that have created the false self, we come face to face with the Real Identity: Goodness, Worth, Joy, Love, Peace, Compassion, and all other good things.

And then, this question may arise: Can we handle what we find? In A Return To Love, Marianne Williamson summarizes the central message of A Course in Miracles: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.”

The whole darn-blessed thing can be pretty unsettling. The birthing pains of we 3rd-dimension, separation-based humans who are now moving energetically into the 5th dimension of Unity will continue for some time. AND: all is well; all will be well. Our 5th dimension self “waking up” is a bit like when our leg “goes to sleep” – it’s not comfortable while it comes back to life, but we are soon able to walk on it effortlessly.

What’s called for now is a radical trust in the Deep Wisdom (Tao, God, Universe), knowing that It is ever within us – even IS us. Honestly, the current universal “real” identity crisis is the most trustworthy thing we could be experiencing – and is the only identity crisis we’ve ever had that really amounts to a hill of beans.


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