For those of us in the healing professions it can be difficult to witness the excessively high levels of emotional pain held and experienced by those we are blessed and humbled to serve. Very few of us chose our healing profession for purely altruistic reasons, though at a certain level, we surely did. And it has been my observation for many years that most, but not all of us, enter our way of serving others with an unconscious desire to heal our own wounds, some or all of which  may be hiding unacknowledged deep within, yet waiting patiently or impatiently for the candlelight of discovery.

The power of Music (a word for The Divine) to heal can be as strong as – or stronger than – any medicine. Writing it, listening to it, singing it, playing it . . .  all the ways into Music will, if we are so attuned, lead us into the heart and its “holdings” – its unexamined, unhealed rooms and suitcases, as well as its cargo of joys and delights.

I often listen to music from film soundtracks in iTunes, streamed by an internet radio site called Cinemix; I have to turn off the sound when the heavy, violent, overstimulating stuff comes on (and there is WAY too much of that in the world). When I hear something that goes straight to my heart composed by a writer I do not know, I do some research. (I love the film scores of John Williams and John Barry.) A couple of nights ago I was blessed by hearing the music of Michael Nyman. I found some of his music on Youtube, where I heard his song, If . . .  Oh, my.

When contralto Hilary Summers (I didn’t know her, either) began singing I simply could not move from my chair, nor did I wish to, suspended as I was within the heart-heavy, heaven-light spaces between and betwixt Time. Not hearing clearly all the lyrics, once I could move again I learned that If came from texts written by Roger Pulvers for inclusion in the soundtrack of the Japanese animated feature film, “The Diary of Anne Frank” (1995). [Pulvers wrote a Broadway play based on Frank’s diary.]

All the above to simply share a powerful and haunting song with you on a day when I am thinking about and praying for certain of my clients, and to remind of the usually misquoted line from William Congreve’s 18th century play, The Mourning Bride: “Music has charms to soothe a savage breast.” [The link to listen follows the lyrics below. Lyrics are also at the Youtube link and can be read as the song plays]


If … at the sound of a wish

The summer sun would shine

And if … just a smile would do

To brush all the clouds from the sky

If … at the blink of an eye

The autumn leaves would whirl

And if … you could sigh a deep sigh

To scatter them over the earth

I’d blink my eyes

And wave my arms

I’d wish a wish

To stop all harm

If … at the wave of a hand

The winter snows would start

And if … you could just light a candle

To change people’s feelings and hearts

I’d whisper love

In every land

To every child

Woman and man

That’s what I’d do

If my wishes come true

That’s what I’d do

If my wishes come true

Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLfXDZ4Sfcc

© Amy Pierce and In Spiritual Wonder, 2013. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Amy Pierce and In Spiritual Wonder with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


3 thoughts on “If

  1. Miss Amy, You have the ability to always allow me to see and feel the goodness and love in the universe. Thank you!

    Sent from my iPod

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