Resistance is Fu-tile

As I age I have been witness to the ongoing march of change, that rough weathering of body-and-parts in what could be called, to be sure, a slow dance of diminishings; yet, should I choose to see it so, the movement is purposeful as well, inviting and bestowing deeper maturity and compassion for myself and all my kin. I sit writing this at 4:00 a.m., my bedroom windows open to the birdsong-filled pre-dawn Spring morning, and I am reminded of a line from a favorite song (“Something Sings”): Yet, in the dark and cold of things there always, always something sings.

In a life filled with Soul Work (in other words, stuff you don’t want to have to do!) there are continual invitations to cede over one’s preferences, choices, and seemingly real “needs” to the agenda of Higher aspects of Self. I am presently in one of those moments. Time seems to last forever when resistance is present, as it surely is right now.

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine

I have learned that, in the matter-of-fact words of Star Trek’s “The Borg” (even one as comely as Seven of Nine), “Resistance is ‘fu-tile’.” So, needing Wisdom’s Voice, yesterday I picked up my red journal, the one with grid paper, and asked for words of solace or guidance. Not sure I’d find them (oh ye of little faith), these are the words that came . . .

Sometimes one must permit oneself to symbolically go through the dark tunnel before one does that at the so-called “death experience.” You are facing such an experience currently, now that the players are positioned and ready to assist you. In spite of the deep dread you are feeling there will be much for you to feel grateful for as the process moves forward. Permitting yourself to give over control to a caring and competent healer is what you are asking yourself to prepare for. Much good will come from the experience, and you will find yourself expressing a deeper strength than you yet realize resides within. Perhaps just knowing that the outcome, the positive outcome, is already assured, is indeed a certainty, can help you in your day-to-day preparations.

There is strength in letting go, in giving over one’s burdens to those of us who care for, watch over, and love you so dearly. The Ancient Friend is always with you – protecting, healing, holding, helping, hearing – so do not think that you are without the greatest resource it is possible to have, given freely to all: The Light. It is now – and will continue – lifting you up above the deepest, most frightening nightmares you can imagine. Allow the Ancient Friend to do what only He can. Partner with Him as you did when you surrendered your trust a few days ago. And remember that the love we  have for you is also a powerful healer, so receive our gifts, too, as you let go. Now let yourself become open and receptive as best you can. We love you.

In the words of Steven Stills (Crosby, Stills & Nash), “So begins the task I have dreaded the coming of for so long.” And from Amy Lillard’s Saving Gideon, “Much more prayer is called for, clearly; but first, I must take a nap.

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