Love Never Harms: Tragedy and God

On this unseasonably cool, late-May Sunday morning, I should be preparing for my afternoon talk to a group of Yoga students. And what am I doing instead? I have suddenly decided to say “yes” to a request to share a message I was asked nearly a week ago to deliver, a message from that most powerful energy and consciousness of Divine Love and Forgiveness that has always existed in our world and that will ever remain. It is the energy known to some as The Christ Mind, and which most folks would identify (in embodiment) as the one known as Jesus of Nazareth, or Jeshua ben Joseph. Over my thirty-plus years of spiritual study I have come to believe that The Christ Mind is that which embodied all the great spiritual teachers, including Muhammad, Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Lao Tzu . . .  Perhaps that is a conversation for another day? Before I move on to the message I was asked to share, though, one more personal note: two weeks ago the following statement came into my mind: “Christianity requires Jesus, but Jesus does not require Christianity.”

Rainbow over Moore, Oklahoma

Rainbow over Moore, Oklahoma

As all of you know, great personal and collective upheaval and tragedy have followed in the path of recent powerful tornadoes in Oklahoma. Such tragedies occur daily around the world and fill the news every day. The insurance industry even refers to certain disaster categories as “Acts of God.” Nothing could be further from the truth. If we cannot blame it all on Heaven’s punishment, then what is happening?

That brings me to the message I was asked to share. So few people read this blog that I can’t imagine that what is written here could reach the ears of those who most need to hear it, but as a dutiful listener and scribe I will do my part.

Many of the Moore, Oklahoma residents impacted so deeply by the storm are asking, “Why did God do this to me, to us? Why did Jesus let this happen? What did I do to deserve this?” So many people are feeling deeply betrayed by Jesus; they are hurt and angry. And like many of us, they still carry burdens rooted in pain resulting from Old Testament teachings of God as vengeful, punishing, and judgmental.

When The Christ Mind appearing as Jesus asked me to write about this last week, I had just told him that I am willing to share his messages openly, rather than covertly. Having long ago left my Christian upbringing because of what I declare to be the church’s general failure to truly teach and live God’s love for us, I threw the baby Jesus out with his bath water. Over the past seven years I’ve come to a still-forming relationship with the Christ Mind in me (available to each of us according to our ability and willingness to perceive it). This development was set in motion, I believe, because of a truly horrific experience in 1998 that left me spiritually and emotionally traumatized, and about which I chose to call upon Jesus for help.


After the Storm in Moore, Oklahoma

Now, today, in the aftermath of the Oklahoma storms Jesus has again asked me to share the following, not only with my brothers and sisters out west who are feeling their faith ravaged as a result of a devastating experience, but with all who will listen . . .

“God is Love. Love never harms, nor does it punish; it only heals. My Father and I weep with you in your pain. We could never harm you and we would never punish you. You are God’s beautiful children and we love our children unconditionally. When tragedies happen, they are never the will of God, but occurrences that are a natural result of the continuous movement of balancing and re-balancing the delicate threads of life along the Fear and Love continuum.

“Fear and Love are the primary energies within which all of life moves in this great universe in which you live, and (perhaps even more importantly) in the great universe that is your own sacred heart. When I came to walk with you on Earth I told you that I had come so that you might not only have life, but that you might have it more abundantly. What I meant by this is that you might move away from the burden of fear placed upon your hearts when you came to believe that your Father is a harsh taskmaster demanding sacrifice, rather than a loving and patient parent offering only pure Love.

“As a result of the many intentional and unintentional misinterpretations of my messages, the full intent of my walk among you those 2000 years ago was not realized. Nevertheless, I have never left you. I am with you in every waking moment. Though I cannot override your free will, nor go against your hearts’ desires, I can and will, if you allow me to do so, continue encouraging your remembrance of the Light that shines within you. I can and will continue to help you in your struggles to choose love over fear; partnership over conflict; joy over sadness; inclusion over exclusion; sharing over hoarding; and peace over pain.

“A number of years ago, you had a saying in your culture: ‘What would Jesus do?’ I would always do that which my Father has always done: love everyone. I would now ask you to do the same, starting with yourself – do you remember my words, ‘love your neighbor as yourself’? Can you now understand that your neighbor is you? When you find love within for yourself, then you have that love to give to others. There is never a scarcity of love; it blooms over and over and over again when you think you have lost it. The Love of my Father for me is part of what I was referring to when I told you that my Father and I are one and that the way to the Father is through me. I AM Love, as is my Father. You are Love, as is your neighbor. Walk in love with everyone, beginning with yourself, and know that Love is with you, as you, ‘even unto the end of the world’.”

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5 thoughts on “Love Never Harms: Tragedy and God

  1. Thank you, dearest Amy, and thank you Christ Mind, for encouraging your Amy to share your love with us all. I am deeply grateful and I take in this blessed gift. YES!!!

  2. Amy, I am always excited to hear what you have to say. Today was no different, may the people in Oklahoma be blessed by the many Godly good works of all that are near and far to help them.

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