The House of Humanity

Off and on for the past month my house has been receiving a big invisible facelift. Kind and thorough workmen have been inside and out, some of them  even singing as they worked (see The Harder the Job, the More You Sing). I’d hoped and prayed for just the sort of weather we’ve had for the beginning of summertime – unusually cool and damp – so that the windows could remain open for longer than normal. On Saturday, June 22nd, as my brothers were on their way for our quarterly visit, the weather changed when the heat and sun returned and I had to say goodbye to the fresh air. Of course, given the house’s new insulation, I had been looking forward to enjoying my air conditioner not having to come on as often or stay on as long. But that Saturday, when I closed up the house, a discovery was made.

It seems that early on in the process of insulating the crawl space  a neighbor’s cat (or two) decided that the three days of the access door’s purposely being left open was a good time to claim territory under Amy’s house. (Have you ever smelled cat urine?) Just when all the work ended and I closed the windows and turned on the air conditioning, the unmistakable odor of “cat” made its way into the house through the vents and the return. My brothers and I mistakenly thought that my cat, who neither urinates outside her box nor ventures outside the house, must have had an accident. You should have seen the three of us on hands and knees, noses to every inch of the floor in all five rooms trying in vain to locate the source of the odorous odor! Even though we couldn’t find it, we cleaned the living room rug and mopped the pine floors. There! That should take care of it. So we thought.

The boys left, I got ready for a client, and the smell remained.

And still it is here. Perhaps the tale will come to a happy ending in the next week, though I’m not yet sure. In the interim, though, at least till this past Sunday when the humidity was too high, I’ve chosen to keep windows open and the air conditioner running. So much for lowering my utility bills!

For the past two weeks I’ve been in a great deal of emotional distress about the situation. So much so that I’ve had to call my friend Jeannie numerous times for her do energy shifting work meant to ease the gargantuan anxiety the whole experience has brought upon me. (Her tools work, but I can’t seem to hold the results long.) Living in my little cottage, a house I dearly love, has become frightening to me. The smell has produced  histamine responses (I’ve been using peppermint and lemon essential oils on the bridge of my nose), which only added to the panic about how to resolve the problem, which no one’s figured out yet, since they’ve been unable to locate the source of the smell in the crawl space. A specialist is coming on Friday. If he can find it, the cost of the “fix” will be $500!  But for the weatherization company to consider paying for it, they’ll require hard evidence.

Tonight, after another effort by Jeannie, and on top of the prayer work of two dear friends and the morning’s healing work delivered by my 90-plus year-old friend, Madge Rowe, in England, I seem to be more calm. I’m hoping it will last, but if the past two weeks are any indication . . .  (Now Amy, let’s not go there.)

Aslan and Amy

Earlier tonight I opened a journal and began to express all the fear in stream of consciousness writing, after which I asked for some words from Spirit, specifically Jesus and Aslan, the C.S. Lewis lion I relate to so much in The Chronicles of Narnia.

. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . .

Let not your heart be troubled. You have only the Light within you, not the darkness.

As your body remembers old patterns of fear, it must release them physically. Nothing has “taken hold of you” and nothing you are experiencing is a punishment; neither is it a mark of failure – never that. If you can remember the depths of despair and hopelessness that you have lived and moved through – and you do remember, for you have been reading through thirty years of journals the past few weeks – you must know that you are no longer in such a place of despair as you were back then. No, our friend, you only carry Light within you. And yes, now even more has been released as you have been in the thick of a restimulation of past traumas and survival  episodes.

Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden []

When your souls shrank in size during the time known as The Fall, few of you were able to continue directly receiving God’s energy. Not because God turned away from YOU, but because you turned away from the North, the direction from which your sustenance was streamed to you during the earliest times of your soul’s presence here on Earth. Now, even though many of you are still turned towards the gods you ultimately made of fear and greed and the little self, you are all in the midst of a very crucial choice. Some will not re-turn to the Light, to the Source of Soul Memory, but many, very many, are doing so even now. And yes, we know that this is not the easiest of times.

A poor and weak metaphor, but one you all understand and share, is your experience of having your leg “go to sleep.” Such an odd feeling – the heaviness, the difficulty moving it, as if it were a piece of dead wood; then, suddenly, the feeling beginning to return, and painfully so, till all at once it’s as if the episode never happened.

Your awakening is very painful (unless it isn’t). Know, however, that all of your universe and all of heaven are working with you in unprecedented ways at this time.

Your house will be put to rights, Amy, and so will the house of Humanity. 

Our peace we leave with you.

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3 thoughts on “The House of Humanity

  1. Hi Amy! This post is especially poignant for me today. We have no air conditioning in our house, and I’ve been fighting it all summer. Three box fans from Target, one half-working craigslist AC unit, and a whole lot of anger. Going to sleep is hard, thinking is hard, and I just dread cooking (which I love doing with AC). I’ve been trying to accept the heat because a part of me knows there’s nothing I can do about it, but the dominant part of me is a problem-solver and I will endless exhaust myself when I see there’s still more that could be fixed. Maybe now, at the beginning of August and end of the summer, it’s about time for me to accept whatever Mother Nature blows through our open windows.

    Love, Katie Hill

    • Oh, yeah!, saying yes to what blows through is quite the practice! I don’t know how you’ve managed without at least one room being cool, but my hat’s off to you for not killing the landlord!

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