Happy Ending to Home by Another Way

A happy ending to the last post, Home by Another Way. Last week, once again I went by another way, this time on a trip out. I saw a woman from my neighborhood walking her dog.  She’s someone I’ve been wanting to introduce myself to, and so, having a few extra minutes, I stopped the car and did just that. As Terry and I were talking, we heard a noise. “Is that a cat?” she asked, looking under my car. Lo and behold, there was another wee fur person who seemed the same age as the three who’d died a couple of weeks ago (see Home by Another Way).



Well, one thing led to many more. Terry took her dog home, I put the adorable fluff ball, by now trembling because of the hubub,  in the car close against my chest and drove to Terry’s. We managed to get the eight-week old baby into a laundry basket with water (and some dog kibble to flavor it) and I drove away, promising to put the word out to friends as soon as I returned.

Long story short, little Minerva Hildegard (Minnie, for short) was adopted by 6:00 that afternoon and is now living happily with another Amy in Wake Forest. Both Mama and baby are doing fine


Amy and Minerva


5 thoughts on “Happy Ending to Home by Another Way

  1. This was a gift to you! An affirmation for the pain and suffering you experienced for what you gave to the kittens who died. It must have been bliss to hold that little fluff ball!! R.

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