In Memoriam


Ginny, Ginger, Warm Biscuit

1998 – 2013

Soul Companion


From Mary Chapin Carpenter’s Learning the World . . . 

Grief rides quietly on the passenger side

unwanted company on a long long drive . . .

Amy Ginger 2

Photo by Gabriel Lauro

And pushing your empty cart mile after mile

leaves you weeping in the wilderness of the supermarket aisle . . .

Photo by Rosemary Hill

Photo by Rosemary Hill

And all that you used to know is of no use at all

the same eyes you’ve always had have you walking into walls

Amy Pierce 3_cropped

And the same heart can’t understand why it’s so hard to feel

what used to be true, what’s now so unreal, but it is  and you say . . .

I wish I were the wind so I could blow away.


Grief sits silently on the edge of your bed

It’s closing your eyes, stroking your head

the dear old companion is taking up air

watching you pretend that it’s not really there.

Amy Ginger 1

Photo by Gabriel Lauro


Ginger's Garden

Ginny’s Garden

Listen to Ginger’s song, Pretty Kitty

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17 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. Dearest Amy, My heart is broken for you losing Ginger..I saw her with Sophie this morning..playing together in a meadow with flowers and butterfly’s. Ginger moved so fast, so hunger…just joy and freedom…She loves you so and she wants you to know that you gave her so peace and safety that she never had before..she had so much love and kindness in your home..She thanks you so much..She will partner you when you call her..her quiet and gentle spirit is always with you..

    Love you much

  2. Hi Amy, now wondering if that was why I had the sudden urge to email you the other day, thinking of you and w/ you in my prayers and w/ hugs for you and Ginger. She’s w/ you always, in a different place right now but always near

    • Yes, I thought of this when you sent the email. Didn’t want to tell you what was going on b/c I didn’t want to add to your worries in case Ginger was not leaving after all! (Miracles do exist, I know). She’s near, I’m sure, especially when I call.

  3. I am truly sorry for your loss, Amy. I know there are no words in the world that will make the pain lessen. Be grateful for all the love and companionship you shared. I know our loving furry friends can touch our souls like no other human can. Peace and love to you and Ginger.

  4. Oh sweet Amy and sweet little Ginger. My heart is big with love for you now and thinking of sweet little kitty frolicking in light over rainbow bridge. ❤ I bet her precious spirit comforts you even now. ❤

  5. I was teaching 2nd graders this morning about life in rhythm, about sympathetic vibrations, about supporting others in their song AND with their own song. In my heart I was teaching them about you, and about Ginger, and about the value of relationships.

  6. So sorry to hear about your sweet kitty Ginger.. It is hard to believe how a furry, little animal can be such a big part of life.. Nobody would have ever guess how attached dad and I are to Kitty Kat since I brought her home in June 2010… We were only suppose to have her for two weeks.. She has dad wrapped around her little paw.. As I know sweet Ginger had the same effect on you.. You sure miss someone when they are no longer physically around. I think about how much I miss my mother so I can always empathize with other folk’s loss.. My sympathies and prayers to you..

  7. Dear Amy,
    My thoughts and prayers have been with you the past few days as you were spending your precious earthly time with your beloved Ginger. Hopefully the steps you have taken can ease your heart and soul in knowing also that you provided Ginger with a loving home and a loving heart.

    • Ginger and I were most simpatico and she loved being here with me. She’d been fostered for a year or so, plus been in Petsmart (both of which were very, very hard on her). She and I were most content together. Thanks, Cindy,

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