The One Moment of Now

Right now, at 1:13 p.m. on Thursday, November 7, 2013; right in this moment there are

C.J. Schmit/Flicker

C.J. Schmit/Flicker

an infinite number of colors that I can see out my office’s six windows. In each second that ticks by they change, a lot or a little, but change they do because nothing is standing still – nothing – (light is in constant flux) – and because of that I could never, ever, even if I was given the rest of my life to do it, count those colors because with every shift of the air and light each leaf’s color changes.

Now I have to say something:

I am utterly surprised to suddenly find that I have become aware in this very minute of a fact . . .  there is only ONE  moment.

The One Moment of Now.

Yes, yes, the cliché-ness of that just came into your mind, didn’t it? Those of you steeped in metaphysics “know” this. But till right now, steeped as I am, I didn’t Know It. And in this particular Now Moment, nothing matters but that I identify the Wonder that is Every Thing, not just in the Autumn show I can drink in through the view from my windows, but in each waking moment of my life.

What a grace-filled realization.


Skyfire 1 – Amy Pierce

The phrase, “the grace of God,” exists within duality only. We think of that phrase and take it to mean that God, whatever God is or isn’t, sometimes visits upon us Its Grace, while at other times withholds it. In the realm of dual-think, that’s how we interpret “The Grace of God” on Earth.

But if God exists (and I’m in the camp that says God is the only Existence), then God is Grace. Period. Grace abounds in all that I permit myself to behold and to create . . .

“the good, the bad, and the ugly”.

The Infintely Aware All (i.e., God) constantly through Grace (Love) permits us, these amazing free-will expressions of Itself, to run gleefully or amok in and amongst ourselves in the Now Moment.


Because we  are the ones constantly creating it!


Skyfire 2 with moon – Amy Pierce

My questions, then, are these:

. . . Are we noticing very much?

. . . Do we see the “amaze” that’s right in front of us every moment?

. . . Can we lift our eyes to see that each moment holds a vast wonder?

Wonder. What a word!  My favorite word, in fact. What does it mean to you? Rob Bell, author of Love Wins. Velvet Elvis, What we Talk About When We Talk About God – his booklist is looong – speaks about a “crisis of wonder.” The radical and tuned in minister is, in part, using the word as a synonym for curiosity, for being engaged enough with Life to be able to wonder with enjoyment and curiosity what each day to which we open our eyes (if they are, indeed, open) will hold.

We’ve become such a sound-bite society, one dwelling in DeviceLand – “smart” phones, tablets, and all grades of gizmos to keep our eyes and heads pointing downward – that we’ve given birth to the first generation so removed from


Skyfire 3 – Amy Pierce

Nature that there’s now a syndrome called Nature Deprivation. In fact, a study has shown that four days in nature without electronics makes people 40% more productive! Duh.

But did that study take note of how Nature is just plain enjoyable, beautiful, delightful, embracing, entertaining, restful, healing, and, well, Wonder-Full?

We, my dears, are by and large missing the Wonder. We are missing Grace. By all means, get outside! But not only to become more productive.

Skyfire 4 - Amy Pierce

Skyfire 4 – Amy Pierce

When I looked out my window this afternoon and really got it that there is only one moment, I understood that I was at last (right  then, anyway) alive and awake to that truth. I consciously drank in the beauty I was seeing – was One with – (not new for me; it’s what I do, but today I literally pulled it into myself in all the ways I could). As I drove to and from Durham I stayed joyfully in the Moment of Now, drinking, drinking, drinking. By the time I was back in Wake Forest the leaves were no longer shining in the darkening, so the sky, taking a turn, had become its own blaze of wonder, so much so that I was compelled to stop the car in the Lowe’s Foods parking lot and take pictures while everyone speeding past me seemed oblivious to the skyfire.

Wonder . . .  In Spiritual Wonder . . .  Everything is spiritual. And everything is here. The kingdom of heaven is “at hand” right here, right now . . .  and it’s right, not wrong.

In the words of Ram Dass, can we “be here now”? The eternal Now Moment is literally All There Is, All That Is, and the Is is Grace.

Are we going to keep missing it?    __________


Skyfire 5 – Amy Pierce

Look up, look down, look around, look within.

Be here now, ’kay?


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5 thoughts on “The One Moment of Now

  1. WOW!!! Yes I love WONDER too!! I had the same experience last night after a Graditude meditation..I step outside it was dark, the evening breeze was so soothing and above the rusling tree tops I could see them!! Stars!!! So many stars!! What a gift and I truly gave thanks and felt so close to Jesus, Mary, my higher self..I want to feel like that always. Thank you Amy for reminding us to be right there in the smallest and biggest of moments!!
    Love you much

  2. Well said. Duality, to my mind, is of two kinds. One is at the material/physical plane – joy vs sorrow, light vs dark, hot vs cold, etc etc. Another one is between the physical world and the God’s realm.

  3. Thank you Amy, for once again reminding me of “the wonder of Now”. I so often forget to be in the now, because my mind is wandering to “what if “, wasting my life away in worry and fear. If I could learn to live in and enjoy Now, my life would be the beautiful experience it was meant to be.

  4. Oh Amy, I love this! I often feel like I’m the only one noticing. I feel sad for those who don’t. I waited to read this until today-as always perfect timing, and I will think of you tomorrow whilest I am noticin’. Love ya, Rosemary

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