Feed me, feed me!

sparrow feeding

Hunger is the driving force for two small sparrows in the bluebird house outside my bathroom window (mama and papa’s second family this spring). They are not so different from us, though we’re children driven by hungers of varying sorts. Like us, though, the birds keep calling out to their parents all day long – “Feed me, feed me!” The feathered children at least calm down at the dimming of the day.

Watching yesterday’s memorial service for Dr. Maya Angelou, tears streaming down my face a few times, I heard Oprah (like Gandhi, no full name required) speak of a time of great trial in her life when she was deeply distraught. Sitting on her bathroom toilet seat she called her Mother/Sister, Maya, who, upon hearing her daughter’s blubbering upset immediately demanded, “Stop it. Stop that crying!” Persisting in trying to tell her story, Oprah’s “but the . . . ” was again interrupted. “Stop crying and say ‘thank you’ because God put a rainbow in the clouds and you are going to come out on the other side of whatever it is.”

rainbow in the clouds

“Yes, ma’am.” Oprah was back – back within the humility that Truth offers.

For months I have been struggling with my eyes/glasses and a resulting physical unsteadiness due to eyestrain. The whole thing’s left me feeling very vulnerable and sometimes quite frightened. Add to this the ordeal of getting the prescription “juuusstt right” (it still isn’t) and I’ve sometimes been the proverbial basket case. (Where did that phrase come from? I bet from Moses’ mother, Yocheved, when she hid her precious son in the bulrushes.) In talking recently to a friend about the “what-all” both of us have been going through (seems lots of folks are in a “goin’ through” these days), the next day she shared with me a vision she’d been given in meditation the night before when she’d asked, “How can I best be of assistance to Amy?” I’ll share an excerpt here . . .

I was shown the following scene: You are in a little rowboat, in the ocean. You are visible from shore, where the waves are crashing, but you are out beyond the waves and turbulence. Your boat is just gently rocking. You are facing in one direction, (from where I stand, you are facing South) and behind you, from the North, I see Jesus, walking on the water, approaching your boat. He climbs in and sits next to you. Puts his arm around you and says to you: “Amy, if you want to know what I have to say to you, just ask me.  In fact, I am always talking to you; you just don’t think it’s me. You think it’s you. Your imagination.  But, your voice IS my voice. My voice IS your voice. You just need to learn to trust that.  I am always with you. I AM YOU.” 

            Then, I see you both exit the boat and go for a walk, arm in arm, on the water, talking. Then you both take respite, once again, inside of the boat, arms around each other, talking sweet and low and long. It is a private conversation, which I cannot hear. It is at this point that I remember about sending Reiki, and when I ask it to begin, I am shown to simply hold the space for you two to be together. I instantly see the sky blossom into the most beautiful display of Aurora Borealis and I know that the angels are also holding this intentional space for you and Jesus to join hearts and minds. 

aurora Borealis

My friend’s vision and its messages resonated with me greatly. And I know that what was imparted in it for me is true. She was given images that I deeply relate to: the aurora borealis that came south when I was nine and saw in the North that night. And a song I wrote in 1998 after being traumatized by one of the worst experiences of my life came into my mind for the first time in years the evening of my friend’s message. Entitled “The Only Song,” In it I was rowing a boat. It was my musical letter to God. (Aren’t they all, though, in some way or another?)  http://www.reverbnation.com/amypierce

Since learning of the vision and its message I’ve been making an effort to trust what I hear and not dwell so much in separation and fear, so early this morning while sitting on the porch, writing in my journal, I asked Jeshua ben Joseph, “What would you say to me this morning?”

“Awaken to the beauty that you are and know your Light as others see it. Think about what it feels like to be free. You have felt that before and have rejoiced in those moments. Truly you are free; do not let your aches and pains steal your freedom and joy. As the birds give no thought to the morrow, neither must you, for you are the birds you love so and long to fly with. Fly in your heart, little sparrow, and know that we are One in flight.”

I asked, “Is this a bit like ‘Act as If ’?”

“You judge “act as if” because you are afraid to be the freedom you seek. If one acts as if she is already One with God’s Truth for her precious life, she receives all that she permits herself to receive. There is no limit to your freedom, and this is what frightens the so-called ‘wounded’ one within. Focus on the freedom that would release you from the mis-beliefs and misunderstandings you have preferred in order to stay ‘safe’.

I asked, “Do I want to be free? I thought I do.”

“Everyone wants to be free, yet hides in bulrushes of one’s own making. A good place to hide if one is needing and wanting to escape the pharaohs and King Herods in their own hearts. Eventually the reeds will part and you will all see yourselves for who you are, welcoming the sun on your shoulders and face, alive at last to your freedom.”

I am fed.


Okay, then.

Thank you.


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5 thoughts on “Feed me, feed me!

  1. Oh my Goodness…I am crying! My heart, here in Franklinton, is expanded all the way down Hwy 1 to Wake Forest, it’s that big right now! Thank you for sharing your experience, my dear friend! Now, for all of us to be unafraid of our SHINE! ❤

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