Be prepared to Accept . . .

imagesThis beautiful planet, along with all of us, is going through an unprecedented shift in our history together. For us it’s a shift in consciousness, especially in spiritual awareness and and in opening the heart. For the planet it’s a shift in vibrational alignment that has ramifications energetically, atmospherically, and cosmically. It is also one that, according to the most respected spiritual sources, has been prophesied. It is this planetary shift that in large part is generating the personal, human shift. This has been going on for a very long time, but it began to be acknowledged widely in the mid 1980’s. The Shift, as it’s now being referred to, ultimately enables each of us to embody the truth of of our interrelatedness with all things.

Each person comes into their own awakening and opening at the exact right time for them, and this connectivity (oneness) is the real-time acknowledgment that we are truly One. That, and the fact that that our fear-based belief in separateness is a deadly illusion. We could call this, to paraphrase Marianne Williamson, The Return to Love.

As part of my own Shift journey last Spring and Summer I went through a tremendously difficult period of personal disintegration. I didn’t understand for many months what was happening, but I came to see that the experience, painful to the ‘nth degree (think crucifixion) was occurring in order for me to rebuild my heretofore fear-based foundation, which was completely out of balance with who I really am. Characterized by deep fear and a physical imbalance from inner ear issues, what needed to be let go of was, without doubt, being dismantled all at once. In part, I was revisiting all the old traumas and fears that had been put in place over sixty-three years and that had resulted in a diagnosis this year of Complex PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

In contrast, this summer could be characterized by the rebuilding of faith and trust, somewhat on the order of the adage, “There are no atheists in foxholes.” Having been able this morning to clear the day’s early physical imbalance with visualization and great intention (along with a nap), and thus be able to sit at the computer and write, I want to share a journal entry that I wrote in early June:

The older I get, the earlier I awaken in the mornings. A few days ago I awoke around 5:45, as usual, so as I lay there awake, but wishing I weren’t, I began the morning ritual of intentional alignment with my High Self, with God/Life/Divine Love . . .  If I were a nun, depending upon my spiritual affiliation this early prayer time might be called Matins, the first of seven such prayer periods throughout the day, ending with Complin in the evening. I am not devotionally disciplined enough to be a nun this go ’round, and so not every day starts with my version of Matins. In fact, in full disclosure there are many mornings when I simply revert to the common prayer form known as Begging! Often, though, my Matins simply put me back to sleep long before there’s an Amen to place at prayers’ end. On this particular morning I did not get too far along in my alignment routine before I fell back asleep, drifting into what I call “The Betweens,” that place that seems to lie betwixt realms and in some region of my own Being where a part of me is more open, more accessible to Love’s voice in a way that I’m not during the day.

While in The Betweens I clearly heard a Voice speak to me, saying, “Be prepared to accept the best.” I then told myself that when I woke up I needed to remember having heard this, and promptly kept on sleeping. When I woke again, the message was present in its entirety, and I experienced a deep sigh of gratitude for its being there. Those six words, “be prepared to accept the best,” felt very, very important to me. They were clearly more than some New Age platitude I might see on a little Subaru’s bumper sticker (hmm, not a bad idea . . .). It was the “be prepared” that most caught my attention, though there were clearly two directives in the message: I had to prepare in some way and I had to be able and willing to accept whatever “The Best” is. Obviously, something was asking to be received. Whatever that might be meant that I had to be at a particular place in my sense of Who I Am, a place in which I’m willing to know and claim fully in the deepest part of me that I am worthy of the best that Life can provide. And to know that Life loves to give.

Yes, I “know” that on some real level . . . but it’s the polar opposite of what I learned very, very early from my earthly father, which my childhood self then internalized as my being a “wrong person.” Yet it is what also ultimately formed the core of my understanding that our too common belief that we are not worthy is, in fact, “The World’s Great Lie.” To a child, especially a very sensitive one like myself, messages of worthlessness are devastating and color the canvas of our lives in muted and dark greys, blacks, and blues. Much intentional and deep healing work must be done to rebalance the scales of those early wounds.

The spiritual directive I received from the early morning Voice is Big Medicine for me and goes straight to the heart of my core issues (what mental health professionals call our wounds and their far reaching impact). I received the message that early June morning as an answer to prayer. It is also a huge reminder to continue, when needed, re-parenting  the child that I was while also releasing, as the adult, the patterned programing of my father’s beliefs about himself, which he projected onto me, but only because he could not acknowledge them to himself. I know that I’m still experiencing some “unraveling” (in the words of Paul Ferrini, I’m not yet a “cooked meatball”) so that the new tapestry can be woven in ways I can most easily embody.

My prayer for you is that your own unraveling and reweaving will be no more and no less than just what you need, at just the right time, with just the right support. May you know about yourself what I know about you: In Truth you are a Light in the world. Be that now, not later. Love yourself humbly; wear the mantle of Healer so that those in your company see themselves in the mirror of your Light, and thus, their own. I send you peace and all good things.

This post was first published Natural Awakenings Magazine, September, 2015. Copyright Amy Pierce and In Spiritual Wonder, September, 2015.

© Amy Pierce and In Spiritual Wonder, 2015. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Amy Pierce and In Spiritual Wonder with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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