I am a writer, painter, designer, and graphic artist. I’m also a musician, spiritual teacher, counselor, and interfaith minister with a deep love for all living things – moss, pieces of wood, beach glass, stones and rocks, and all critters, including us, the two-leggeds. My religion, if I must claim one, is Oneness, and I am in love with Life’s elegant grace.

My formal educational background is in the Arts and in the Wisdom and Mystical Religious traditions. From my personal life and healing I bring a studied background in several other areas, including Science of Mind, Twelve Step methodology, Addiction and Co-dependence, Inner Child/Re-Parenting work,  Re-evaluation Counseling, and Consciousness Evolution.

Surprisingly to me, somewhat “late” in life I undertook graduate studies at Tai Sophia Institute (now Maryland University in Integrative Health), where I was a member of the nation’s first Master of Arts class in Applied Healing Arts (MA, ’04). In July, 2004 I was also ordained as an interfaith Minister in Integrative Healing.

As an adjunct to my three counseling ministries (Authentic Self Center of the Triangle) I offer a Consciousness Evolution teaching series, Conversations About Authentic Self, as well as a personal empowerment/healing workshop, Walking the Circle: The Five Elements of Chinese Medicine Applied to Daily Life.  I also teach two book studies, one of which is my own. The other is Rasha’s Oneness.

In another life, or so it seems, I toured professionally as a singer-songwriter, which I’ve been for the past thirty-plus years, and performed at many colleges and universities, including the University of Michigan, Vanderbilt University, the University of North Carolina… as well as at Chicago’s famed Mountain Moving Coffeehouse and the National Women’s Music Festival. My third recording, a CD entitled “Amy Pierce In Concert,” was released in June, 2003 and is a live recording of the concert I performed in January, 2002 as a fundraiser for my graduate studies.

It is a joy to be Here. ‘Nuff said.

Amy Pierce, M.A.

Contact me at writes34583@outlook.com


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