Be Here Now

red-shouldered-hawk-11aOh, my.

I am still stunned, still awed after walking to the screen porch door to find perched not five feet from me on the bare, cold limb of the Redbud tree, a powerful, golden-breasted in the sun, Hawk. Immediately out of my mouth flew words of homage: “Oh my! Thank you. . . .  ” I honor you.” Standing nearly face to face with this strong, proud bird of prey I felt blessed.

And then, to my ultimate dismay and everlasting shame, I ran to the kitchen to get my piteous cell phone to take a picture! In the words of Charlie Brown: ARAGHH!

In the presence of The Ultimate, I gotta take a picture????

When I got back to the door Hawk was still there, so I snapped the photo through the storm door even though I don’t have a way to upload it (or is this something that’s downloaded? You should hear me laughing right about now.)

Oh Amy, sweetheart, can you just be here now?

Maybe for a little while?

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