Fear Not the Coming of 12-12-12 and 12-21-12

Ride the Wave!

“Fear not, for I bring you tidings of great joy.” Though paraphrased, the familiar line from Luke may have just as much import today as it did when first heard two milennia ago; perhaps more now because we are collectively attuned to the world in ways that would have been inconceivable then.

Fear not, my friends, for 2012’s December gifts are not, as currently envisaged, collective cataclysmic doom and gloom. Doomsday predicting and fear-mongering have been with us forever. Current ranters and media hype are scaring everybody to death for no reason. Truth is, by design we are in a monumentally important “moment” in time, one that will ultimately change forever the way humanity perceives itself. This is not to say that the energy of fear isn’t affecting most of us – it is indeed – and since energy is boundless (has no boundary, moves through all that is) many of the highly sensitive among us are feeling society’s fearfulness and its effects both physically and emotionally. Even those less sensitive are feeling it in ways that are perplexing and, yes, frightening.

Not to minimize what you may be experiencing, what is occurring at this unique time in our history/herstory is akin to, in the vernacular, a great big REBOOT! The human race is collectively feeling the birthing pangs of coming Home to our Holiness/wholeness as One Being, i.e., coming to experience uniquely as individuals the totality of our interrelationship and connection to the All. (Translation, please? “We do no harm and act only for the highest good of all.”) Whatever exists within us is being exposed to The Light so that what does not serve the awakening of humanity to our True nature (Love) can be transmuted by Love’s Light.

For those who have been diligently shining this transformative, healing and transcending Light on their own darkness (fears, wounds, less than kind behaviors, separation-based beliefs, etc.), understand that you have been giving birth to your Self, doing so in order to fully embrace and embody the reality of Oneness, which is defined by Hindu teaching as Sat Chit Ananda (You Are That); by Moses as I Am That, I AM; by Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh as We Inter-Are; and by Rabbi Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) as Love Your Neighbor AS Yourself (as if you are One, for you are).

Whether you are new to this idea or are already deeply immersed in the personal healing work of ascension (the purposeful heightening/deepening of one’s consciousness of Oneness/Unity), what can you do to mitigate within and around you this excessive negative energy you’re picking up? It is best to look within yourself first, peering closely without blinders at your own life (actions, feelings, emotions, and beliefs) to see how closely related to fear, worry, chaos, suffering, and separation you truly are. What is inside you is mirrored by your personal experience of the “outside” world. So if you are new to this sort of excavation, know that it is time for some thorough housecleaning. Fear not, for it is never too late to do it!

For those who’ve become experts at this excavational cleansing, and for whom the mass consciousness fear energies are now creeping (or pouring) in, this is the time to amp up, so to speak, your energetic protection. Rather than just place the White (Christ) Light around yourself, rather than simply ground with Mother Earth, ASK the Christ (or the Buddha, the Ram, etc.) to STEP INTO YOU*. They are oh so willing to do so, but your asking is necessary because of the Universal Law of Non-Interference. Ask for the Higher Being to step into you so the powerful fear cloud that is filling the world at present will have less of an uncomfortable impact on you as an individual. And of course, be especially diligent in this practice if you are new to your healing work and feeling overwhelmed.

Whatever your beliefs, I invite you to practice looking within, and with whatever detachment you can muster, to see whatever ways the “outside world” is pictured there. Then, do what you need to do healing-wise to clean out and clear the way for the birth (or rebirth) of self love within Unity Consciousness (Oneness). The spiritual teaching, “As within, so without,” is Truth, and  the time is at hand for us individually and collectively to loosen the knots of fear in order to free the Love that fear holds hostage. Fear not Love for YOURSELF. Fear not love for a world hungry for connection, dying for connection, killing for connection, screaming for connection, praying for connection. Your own love is the love you seek, so let it be born and used through the non-dual lens of Oneness:

“You Are That”

“I Am That I Am”

“Love Your Neighbor as Yourself”

“We Inter-Are.”

These are the the Love-infused Truths that we are now in the throes of birthing or re-birthing, the Realities that will change YOUR world and, by energetic extension, the world you experience and the world we ALL experience!

Fear not, dear ones, for I bring you tidings of great joy: You carry within you the medicine for what ails you, and that medicine is the healing balm of Love for the neighbor who is as yourself, she who is another YOU. “I am you and you are me. Isn’t it obvious we inter-are?” Now, go and sin no more; that is, cease your forgetfulness of who and what you are, a beautiful, yet very tired and forgetful, Light in the Heart of Love Itself.

* I’ll be Your Water written and performed by Keb’ Mo’

** From Interrelationship, by Thich Nhat Hanh

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