The Last Night before the First Day: The Promise of Evermore

Soul Notes: The Last Night Before the First Day, 2 June 2010

Therefore, at the end of these two days of final surrender, let the deep night usher in the morning that the wings of dawn may bring the peace you have called forth. You have been heard by you, and so have answered your own call to due diligence. Speak and be heard by daily opening the dawn with your Word to make anew, each morning, a fresh-aired light of living; this new beginning is your creation alone. Release yourself from a bondage you somehow decided belonged to you so that you might walk out of the desert, that wasteland at first not of your making, but becoming one you helped to sustain. Know who you are and do not falter within the knowing. Go forth now into the land of your own promise, the one you made before ever you were born:  to remember your Self.

Following your spirit’s lead, at this turning time of midnight you walked into the dark with bare feet on wet ground to meld with Gaia’s earth, to place your hand upon the hard, rough bark of your beloved redbud, to speak aloud from the true heart of your powerful soul words that flowed into the night and out through your right hand, the giving hand, as your left rose of its own accord to oh-so- lightly rest upon your heart and feel the redbud reflect the ancient energy of trees, back through your body and out the soles of your feet, mirroring your own words in its ancient language and leading your body to sway to and fro, up and back, side to side until it was done.

In this time-out-of-time moment of standing for reclamation of spirit-reliance, grounding, and certainty of purpose, earth, tree, and sky blessed your pronouncement with a confluence of gathered energy, and we, your Circle of Timeless Ones, echoed the blessing of the natural world and brought to you the promise of Heaven. Heaven, you may know, is in part the Light that separated night from day, the Dark that separated day from night. In the realm of time, this is as it must be. In the realm of Evermore where time is no longer, Light and Dark become one integrated wholeness. Just as you gathered your Selves together this night in a ritual of integration, we offered the promise of Evermore in blessing.

On this, the last night before the first day, may your slumber be so deep and dreamless that you usher in morning on your own fledgling wings. In doing so, may the peace you have called forth by your surrender to the flow of life dawn this day in the infinite and silent splendor of Evermore.

Blessed Be.

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