Your Own Deep Gladness

Soul Notes: Your Own Deep Gladness, 6 February, 2010

Let us remind that you have been hearing us for a very long time. What you and others consider your “talents” are nothing more than the Song of your Soul and its glad tidings for the world you call home! As a messenger for the Higher Realms, you have never been apart form your True Self. Even as a small child, you knew us. Now as you continue to fulfill your mission of spreading truth and love through music and art, teaching and training, your purpose is met, and is only fulfilling to both you and others. It is “your own deep gladness” intersecting with “the world’s deep hunger.”*

Let the joy of creation, which you know so well, fill your spirit and heart this day so that you may be uplifted by the song that is your life. Now more than ever your gifts are needed, your song must be heard. We speak here of the totality of your spirit as “song.” Yet, we do not diminish the power of your music, for music, being sound, has great healing power; its frequencies, when of a higher vibration (love, compassion, etc.) aid in clearing out the lower- frequenced vibrations humans have been struggling with for millions of years. The recent addition of music to your teaching and counseling is much appreciated, for it opens the heart and allows more love, more light, more upliftment of the spirit of the listener.

We are grateful for your open heart and willing spirit. Life moves through you and casts a rosy, healing glow. No longer should doubt be a force within you; permit now only the truth: all is well, all is in order, all is as you have decreed it to be, regardless of the appearance – Beauty, Light, Love, Truth, Harmony, Creativity, Gift. Keep your eyes focused on the flaming spark within; it is your compass, your internal sonar. Like the homing pigeon, you  cannot miss or bypass your destination. Begin now to deepen and expand your enjoyment of the journey, remembering what The Christ taught in A Course in Miracles:

What could you not accept if you but knew that everything that happens, all events, past, present, and to come, are greatly planned by One Whose only purpose is your good?

Your understanding that the “One” spoken of in the verse is, in fact, one’s beloved Soul, is a knowing that must be shared. For while there is assuredly an Ultimate Expression, you are the master of your fate. You are the One whose “only purpose” is the complete remembrance of the Oneness that is All.

As you gaze out your window this afternoon at the silent snow dancing on its fall to earth and the red cardinal  perched upon the elaeagnus, the red-headed woodpecker clinging to the trunk of the mulberry tree, remind yourself that each thing you see, all that your eye finds, is but another unique expression of the Stuff of God, the Energy of life, and the “Love that fires the sun and keeps it burning.”** You are here, as you wrote in your song, “to be a spark of the fire that kindles the flame, to open your heart and remember your name, given in truth by the Truth that you are – you’re dust of the galaxy, light of the star… With breath of the sages still moist in your veins, it’s the reason – remember – you came.”***

Blessed Be.

*Frederick Buechner: “To find our calling is to find the intersection between our own deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger.”

** Bruce Cockburn, Lord of the Starfields

*** From Waltz For The Child written and performed by Amy Pierce

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