I Am a Living Energy: A Conversation with Pain

Soul Notes: I Am a Living Energy: A Conversation with Pain, 27 November 2009

[Note: I have become familiar with receiving messages from my Authentic Self, which are often posted in this Soul Notes category. When today’s post was originally received, it was surprising to find that I was hearing from the universal consciousness (hence, the capitalization) of Pain Itself.]

Beloved Higher Self, I love, honor, and appreciate you. Today I ask your help in writing with the pain that has accompanied me for so very long. It could be said that this companion has been my “primary relationship,” and perhaps when it leaves there will be a void. As I have done before, today I wish to speak with the pain again, to “be” with it, to thank it for the gifts it has given, and to release it and envision life again without its companionship. Thank you for your help.

Dear Pain, I want to hear your story. Continue reading