The Broken Legged Deer

The Broken Legged Deer

The following was written by my kindred-spirit little brother. Bless you, Don.


The Broken Legged Deer

The look in Her eyes

gave it all away

frightened but resigned

to know this was Her last day

We’d heard the crash

the week before

steel colliding with flesh

Her bones were no more

My dog had found Her

the next Sunday morn

hidden in the leaves

three legs were torn

She could not stand

but tried to run

She hobbled and fell

the damage was done

Not knowing what to do

we called for help

the men did come

to see the hand that was dealt

No help were they

so an expert came by

one look and he proclaimed

it’s a shame She has to die

I could not stay

to hear the sound of the gun

my heart was breaking

so away I did run

Animal life

is very precious to me

When suffering abounds

I cannot bear to see

I must say this

the lesson to all

in the eyes of a creature

the world is very small.

Copyright Don Dickens Pierce, 2012