Goodnight, Moon

Essays: Goodnight, Moon  20 March 2011

When I was a teenager with my first car, a 1965 VW Beetle convertible, I’d sometimes drive home with no lights on late at night after being with friends. I’d start out legally enough to get across the bridges spanning the White Oak River between Swansboro and Cedar Point, but then I’d turn off the lights, gladly risking getting pulled and trusting the full moon to assuredly light my way home. I never got caught. I enjoyed the risk, and I relished the thrill of being one with the moon in the brilliant, shining darkness.

Yesterday and today mark a highly significant moment, both astrologically and seasonally, in our planet’s (and our own) evolution in consciousness. Last night’s moon reached full within one hour of its reaching perigee, the moment when it’s elliptical orbit brings it closest to Earth, and so she appeared to be nearly fifteen percent bigger than usual and about thirty percent brighter. The last time a so-called “super moon” like this one occurred was in 1993. I like to think she almost came home last night. It would have been a great time to ride down the road with the lights off. (The photo of the Super Moon to the right was taken in Turkey by Rasid Tugral.)

At 7:21 p.m. EDT today, March 20 (I just glanced at the clock on my computer, which happens to read 7:21 PM), the Spring Equinox occurs in the northern hemisphere. Its advent brings to the entire planet an amplification of cosmic energy unlike any our Earth has experienced in 35,000 years. Last night’s Super Moon has helped to usher in this exceptional energy that I will call the Energy of Enablement and what others are calling the Cosmic Trigger. It is a deepening of the era of “clearing” that we have been in for some time and is meant to enable an even deeper releasing of limiting beliefs, judgments, and behaviors, along with amplifying the refining of our deepest hopes, intentions, and highest longed-for outcomes within the emerging Consciousness of Unity. Some are referring to this time of the Equinox as a crucible of sacred purification to move us beyond duality. So if you find yourself coming face to face with yourself, that’s a good thing. Look into your heart and hold nothing back from yourself; give what you no longer wish to claim to the fire of transmutation, then claim the highest good for all that you can imagine.

In the words of Bobby Dylan, “the times, they are a changin’.” Indeed. A polar shift is occurring: a shift from duality to plurality; from our being carbon-based to silicon- (crystalline) based; from expressing fear to living Love. And the energy of the Divine Feminine, so long suppressed, this Creative Principle of God/Goddess/All That Is is returning to balance and align the poles of Mind and Heart. Mind is meant to be in service to the Heart, and it is these poles shifting that will restore balance to both Earth and humanity.

Last night I sat on the porch in the swing and watched the moon through the shimmering screen. Held in her luminous bathlight, tears of connection falling, I meditated on all the above while once again giving myself over to That Which Cannot Be Named.  And when I awoke this morning at 6:23 EDT, I pulled sweatpants and a jacket over my ‘jammies and drove a mile to the farm so that I could say “Goodnight, Moon” as I witnessed her slow setting behind a small bank of grey-blue, mountain-like clouds. I calculated the years till her next appearance as Super Moon and realized that in 2029 I’ll be seventy-seven. I hope I’ll still be here then. If so, I’ll do what I did this morning – stand in a field and join the birds as they sing with the dawn and put the moon to bed. I sang the song I wrote a couple of years ago for my consciousness evolution students and I to sing at the end of our gatherings. The music has an Irish tune and lilt and is a hymn to both the reality of Oneness and the illusion of Separateness:

When All’s Said and Done

I will sing with the dawn at the rising of sun

I will put moon to bed when the deep night is done

For the sun and the moon are the two sides of me

And when all’s said and done we’ll be back home and free.

Till time is forgotten I’ll tend us with care

I will bathe in the moonlight and swim in the air

Knowing bluebells and wrens are but others of me

And that when all’s said and done we’ll be back home and free.

When my burdens are heavy and peace won’t be found

When the road seems too long and I keep falling down

I’ll return as I can to the Truth that doth free

And know the Home that I’m seeking is inside of me.

And while homeless and hopeless are easy to find

In the hell and the heaven of two-fisted mind

I will let sun and moon simply do what they do

Knowing Bluebell and Wren be the One, not the two.

So I’ll sing with the dawn at the rising of sun

I will put moon to bed when the deep night is done

For the moon and the sun are the two sides of me

And when all’s said and done I’ll be back home and free.

Yes, when all’s said and done we’ll be back home and free.

©2009, Amy Pierce

Last night’s moon over Manhattan (unknown photographer)

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