Raising a Glass

A first for me . . .

In a guided meditation tonight, one in which connection with the Divine Mother was intended, I had a vision accompanied by sound. I can’t recall exactly “where” in the meditative journey I was, but I suddenly saw six or seven people seated at one end of a dining table. From my vantage point, only a portion of the table and the group was visible to. Suddenly, and as one, the group raised their glasses. As they did so I also heard the sound of their arms being lifted, loudly enough that I knew there were many more people at the table than what I could see. In that fleeting moment, though I was not part of the group, and though I had no reason to think this, I had the feeling that they just might be raising their glasses to me.

Breath - Gaia, painting by Josephine Wall (from chopra.com)

And then I “heard” the words, “You have the ability to perceive these sorts of things.” Alright, then; I’ll raise a glass to that.

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