Day One: Since We’re Still Here . . .

Since we’re still here, know what I’m gon’ do?

I’m gon’ light a candle

meant to show you,

you can handle anything

that takes your breath away.


Today, December 22, 2012, has been envisaged as “Day One” by the renowned 83 year-old futurist and Conscious Evolution teacher/”midwife” Barbara Marx Hubbard. She sees today as the first day of a new era of conscious co-creation within humanity’s ongoing evolution (physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental) and within our personal transformation into what she calls the universal human, which I refer to as our Divinity in Oneness. Day One is the day after the cosmic, multi-eons-in-the-making gift to humanity of a spiritual and physical imprinting designed to usher in the “end times” of separation consciousness (us vs. them) and infuse the planet with Light’s highest frequency, Unconditional Love.

What does that mean? In one way it is quite simple: we have been slowly and selfishly killing our planet, while simultaneously and painfully killing each other, which is not in accordance with our own Deep Nature as Children of a Greater God. Simply put, this must be changed, and the change will happen one heart at a time. In other ways, though, it isn’t simple at all, at least not simple to explain, because such an imprinting requires the combined cosmic and inexplicable forces of, dare I say, God and His/Her multitudinous expression throughout the Omniverse. Truth be told, we just can’t grasp much of that. More apt to be literalists, most of us are oblivious to the clues, codes, signs and symbols of truth lying dormant, dwelling patiently (till now, anyway) just below the surface of our “me! me-ness.”

This auspicious time in our history coincides with the “end” of the Mayan calendar, but was actually foreseen by nearly all of our world’s indigenous peoples, those highly Spirit-connected individuals united through their One-Awakeness. Most of them have never lost their inter-beingness with the All and have effortlessly retained an innate reverence for life. This time in human history was not designed as a harbinger of the end of Life, nor was it meant to herald a misunderstood “Apocalypse,” but to foreshadow with silence the Advent of what could not yet be spoken or written:  the universal and evolutionary movement from our collective fear and separation consciousness into our awakening to Love and Unity.

Yesterday, which I’ll call the Long Night Before the First Day, a friend shared with me Peach McDouall’s post at The Art of Living Your Faith, the blog of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Durham, N.C. With Ms. McDouall’s permission, I now share excerpts from her post, “Apocalypse Now,the totality of which can be found at the highlighted link above. [NOTE: My un-italicized thoughts are interspersed with McDouall’s italicized excerpts below.]

As Inigo Montoya once famously said, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” ‘Apocalypse’ is from the Greek words meaning ‘the veil away’ (απο + καλυμμα). Our sight, our hearts, our minds… are unable to see Truth clearly. We are unable to perceive ourselves and each other as God knows us and loves us. The perfect Beauty of all creation and perfect Goodness of God’s movement in and through that creation are veiled to our sight unless God removes the veil.  . . .

The Long Night Before the First Day could be called “The Day of Unveiling” because today, though as yet unrecognized by the majority of us, fully residing within our DNA, our cells, and our Highest Heart is God’s renewed and restructured gift to humanity (more on this later), bestowed and delivered through yesterday’s “the veil away” moment. Ultimately, this restructuring of humanity and its coming attractions (to-be-seen gifts) will lead each of us to an unprecedented embodiment of Love and Unity. Day One’s invitation, then, to each one of us is to fully claim and live this Love and Unity now, for it is, as McDouall’s words so perfectly highlight, based upon the perfect Beauty of all creation and the perfect Goodness of God’s movement in and through it all.

Today, we celebrate the Feast of the Apostle Thomas: the Doubter and perfect Episcopalian, who was confident enough in God’s grace and power to express his doubts honestly, but who was nevertheless completely unprepared for that grace and power to reveal itself quite so personally. Jesus ripped the veil away, just for a moment, and Thomas fell to his knees and worshipped. His life would never be the same. Apocalypse will do that to a person.

God’s kingdom is one of peace and plenty. Our own is full of violence, destruction, and horror. We use the word ‘apocalypse’ to describe such things as 9/11/01, Katrina, and Sandy Hook – and rightly so, for in those events, the veneers of virtue, dominion, and invulnerability protecting our tiny proud selves are ripped away. Our faultiness, finitude, and need for grace pull us into a praying jumble where we wail together for help. When the veil is lifted, we see ourselves more accurately, and respond appropriately – as children who are grievously hurt, and in need of healing…. lost in the darkness, and in need of guidance and Light… 

The apocalypse is always NOW. THIS MOMENT is the moment of revelation and judgment that can turn us toward Light and transform us. Today is also the Solstice: one of the oldest holy days of humankind. The Solstice is the ancient celebration of Hope – of proclaiming Returning Light even on the longest night. And in our darkened world, with our veiled but hopeful hearts, we gather to proclaim that the veil is being lifted, even now.

Even though these two prophecy-ridden days, December 21 and 22, 2012, have finally come, it needs to be said that in many, many ways Life for most of us will appear and seem, for all practical purposes, about the same as before, at least for an indeterminate amount of “time.” So, even though the primary collective called “we” will continue to experience life as usual, albeit in greater or lesser degrees of “usualness” based on the consciousness of each individual, the truth is that, in Reality things are not the same as they were before the prophesied time. What does this mean?

The energetic blueprint of humanity’s DNA, along with our cellular structure, has long been in a process of metamorphosis, moving from a carbon base to one of silicon, ultimately to become crystalline. Also, as part of humanity’s evolution in consciousness certain dormant encoding within our DNA is in the process of being activated. This coding ushers in both an internal personal movement and a resulting external global movement of finally and fully embracing our Unity as Oneness and, thus, embracing our own divinity as an individualized expression of consciousness in and of The Divine. This means that we will come to live and behave, as Maechelle Small Wright says, “as if the God in all things matters.” Of course, because of The Beloved’s greatest gift to us, we can freely choose to BE THAT right now! (I’m just sayin’.)

The Bible phrase, “each according to his ability,” could be applied here in a slightly different way than the original. Each of us will continue to evolve into our awakening (our own “the veil away” experience) at our perfect pace and in our own timing. No one will be left behind in this return to Love. Ultimately, we each will acquiesce freely to the internal spiritual pressure of the “restructuring” energy brought by this year’s Solstice. These changes to come will be hallmarked by a collective, yet an intensely personal  shift from our shared state of fear and separation to one of Unconditional Love and Unity. Such evolvement is very slow, but it is happening and will continue doing so.

Real change takes time here on Earth; only a small percentage of the population can yet experience the definitive easing of birthing pains inherent in what Hubbard calls Birth 2012. Nonetheless, we are individually and collectively giving birth to our True Humanity, rooted in Oneness with All That Is and, as I like to say, “held in the heart and halo of heaven.” The more attention each of us gives to a deliberate inward turning – looking within oneself and honestly assessing the holdings of the heart and the level of one’s desire to heal them – the more rapidly the microcosm (“as above, so below”) that is Earth and humanity will change, and change dramatically.

For these past two days (and through Sunday) there has been a huge global celebration and claiming of Unity Consciousness televised online by The Shift Network with coverage from nearly every continent. Clearly, much of humanity’s collective heart is truly opening! As I watched this afternoon’s coverage from Los Angeles I heard a highly energetic, on-fire woman asking all of us, “Since you’re still here, since things didn’t end yesterday, will you…?” And she dove into a litany of all the ways that we can claim our worth, our holy selves, our power and obligation to BE and resonate Love and only Love . . .  On and on she reminded us, “since you’re here, will you . . .” Later, a vibrant Chaka Khan, backed up by the fully lit-up Agape Center Choir, sang her own inspired version of Israel Houghton’s “It’s Not Over,” adding “I’m gon’ light a candle, show you, you can handle anything that takes your breath away.”

What takes your breath away, my friends, my loves? Where do you find your reverence for life? Since you’re still here, will you promise yourself to find and live from that place? Can you do that now? If not now, when? Since you’re still here, will you consider turning inward and looking at all that your heart of hearts is holding that keeps you in bondage, keeps you from deeply valuing Life Itself, your place in it, your own life and the lives of others? Will you look at all that keeps you from knowing and living your purpose, keeps you from fully experiencing “your one wild and precious life,” as Mary Oliver calls it? Will you decide to heal all that pain? Not only for your sake, but for everyone? Will you do that, since you’re still here?

When all is said and done, all that you will ask and answer is this:

“Did I learn to love myself, truly, humbly love myself as God does, and did I share that love with all my kin?”

Since we’re still here . . .  here’s what I’m gon’ do tonight, y’all:

I’m gon’ light a candle

meant to show you,

you can handle

anything that takes your breath away.

Note: Watch for tomorrow’s post of my Christmas Carol, “Ring the Bells”

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