Honesty is the Best Policy

Soul Notes: Honesty is the Best Policy, 11 July 2010

To be able to relax into fear (or into any state of being), honesty is required. In this case, honesty means that one must have the willingness and ability to deeply acknowledge without judgment What Is, and to do so in a way that one relinquishes the need and desire to control, or to change, the immediate particularity of the What Is.

In such a posture, one could be said to surrender.

In the best-case scenario, one surrenders into trust – trust that in the big picture, all is well because all is in balance because all is under the watchfulness of the Great Eye. The Great Eye is one’s very own capital “S” Soul, or Authentic Self, which knows and, in a manner unable to be understood totally by you at this time, orchestrates the re-integration of its multiple little “s” soul Aspects back into a unified whole.

Depending upon the level of Self-awareness of each Aspect (including the Aspect that is you), the fear experience of any given Aspect (you, in this case) may not, in actuality, be your current and genuine experience, but the experience of a Sibling Aspect that is, in effect,  passing through you as part of the transmutation process directed by the Authentic Self. You, as an Aspect farther along in the journey of integration and awakening, permit the energy to move through you so that it can be transmuted into higher and lighter energy. In addition to the role of transmuter, in various ways you might also think of yourself as transducer, transformer, transmitter, and transgiver.

You and the OverSoul that you call Authentic Self are so much more than most of you realize; more than you can, at this point, comprehend, and certainly greater than you experience yourself to be here on Earth. Therefore, be not so afraid for your life, for it is everlasting. Not in a static, ongoing, single-experience a-la-Disney way, but as an infinite expression of continual change, creativity, and invention.

If you can occasionally step outside of yourself, take a step “back,” as it were, to see with a wider lens, then you can find that all really is well. You can find, too, that you are truthfully all of What Is and can, with practice, even choose the experienece you wish to have.

Honesty truly is the best policy: when your What Is is frightening, opening your arms honestly to the scared little soul (little boy or girl) is the best policy; when one’s What Is is joyful, opening one’s arms honestly to the excited little soul (little boy or girl) is the best policy. You – as All of It – are the one who knows beyond all else that life can be nothing but change, or life would not be.

Just as you find the umbrella when that’s what the weather dictates, the sunscreen, the windbreaker, the bathing suit or the wool overcoat, then within your personal What Is, hold open your great good arms for the more insecure Aspects of your Being and let their fears move through you, the loving transformer. Even if you cannot always be of good cheer, do what you can to be not so afraid. All is in balance, which means all is in order, and you are a mighty player on the stage of your Soul’s everlasting life.

Blessed Be.

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