Love in the Key of G, The Only Song

“Open mine eyes that I may see glimpses of truth thou hast for me” was the invocation yesterday morning to the Circle of Timeless Ones and my Highest Self in preparation for what I hoped would be a clear reception of their message to me. After hours of transcribing the journal entry for this post (and receiving additional information as I was doing so), I lost 90% of it when the laptop came unplugged. Oh well! I have worked on it this morning again. It is not as it was; and it is as it is. As Joni Mitchell sings, “Something’s lost and something’s gained in living every day.” [Please check back within the next few weeks to hear my song, “The Only Song,” when it has been linked to this post and also placed in the “Songs” category of the blog’s menu.]

Soul Notes: Love in the Key of G, The Only Song, 21 August 2010

As you know, love is not fear, fear not love. Yet, within a human’s idea of love, one may feel fear. Let us say that fear’s music is written metaphysically in the key of F (fear), rather than the Key of G (God), the music of perfect Love that casts out fear. Until humans receive the taste of such nectar, much of their love will either live mostly in the key of F, or reside sometimes in the key of F sharp, which as you know is also the key of G flat. In other words, the world’s love is apt to exist mostly between the states of fearful human experience and awakening to Beingness.

The unknown is frightening to most humans. What is unknown engenders a fearful state because you feel you don’t have enough information. However, the fullness of information you desire is not unknown to your capital-S Soul/Self, the highest state of your Beingness, which genuinely loves and guides you, not as the puppetmaster you once feared God to be, then feared your Soul to be, but as You in toto, fully aware of the whole picture, the entire state of affairs as perfectly established for your awakening. Though you are not far apart from this Self, there are other Self Aspects that do not fully trust Its benevolence and expect to have to be fully in charge of Life, alone in the endeavor. What you often feel as distress is the fearful, key-of-F energy of these aspects, which you are transmuting through your body and your awareness of higher truth.

Your way has been to find God (or as it seems to you, try to find her) when she doesn’t appear to be anywhere nearby. To do the “finding” (the path you chose), you have needed to be “in the dark and cold of things,”* be in what seems to be the absence of God. The paradox is this: in the apparent absence of what your heart most longs to know, dear one, the Thing Itself resides. Even though the intellect holds the accuracy of this, the heart has felt disconnected. So, let us turn your attention to your heart’s profound connection with all that you notice and feel in both heartbreaking keenness and heart-holding wonder:  trees, shells, clouds, birds, rocks, wings, feathers, inchworms, seasons, fire, earth, fur, mist, waves, children, wind, turtles, hares… You are one with it all; you are one with That Which Made All.

And what about that hummingbird suddenly appearing last Friday afternoon at your bedroom window? As fleeting a glimpse of Truth as Hummingbird will and must bring, to arrive at a pane of glass, full-faced and eye-to-eye in an all but sugarless yard, and to be seen in that one brief second of messaging… Can you imagine the precision of timing that your Soul had to orchestrate, not only with Hummingbird, but with you while you were in another room reading aloud to a friend on the phone? Your dear Self had to motivate you to move from one room to another, papers and phone in hand, to position you for just the possibility of seeing the tiny creature at the exact moment it would appear. Would you look up? If so, you would surely receive one of the glimpses of truth you so faithfully ask for. Yes, of course you looked, for that is what you do.

Stunned by Hummingbird’s appearance, your breath caught, you finally said, “Oh! A hummingbird at my window! Wow!” Your friend then asked, “What were you thinking before it came?” Your answer? “Would that we all had the faith of little children.”

Having now read about Hummingbird in Animal Speak,** you know the messages this tiny bundle of mystical metabolism, a symbol of “tireless joy and the nectar of life,” brought to you from your loving Soul… Hummingbird “can help you to find joy and sweetness in any situation” and is a reminder to dip “into joy while you can, as quickly as you can.” It’s rich, iridescent colors represent the promise of the rainbow after the rain. And this tiny creature “is a symbol for achieving that which seems impossible,” teaching you how to “find the miracle of joyful living from your own life circumstances.”

God’s eye is on the sparrow, and on all the other innumerable aspects of creation, which you have taken to calling the “sparrowness.” The gift and ability you have to continually see so much that most people can be oblivious to bespeaks an irony: your feeling so separate from God is simply a mis-reading of what is really true – it is Her eye through your eye that rests on the sparrow. What you have taken to be separation from the Great Love (one of your terms for God) is but a misunderstanding.

Yes, Amy; truly there is no space between you.

We now wish to say that the sacred love you feel for all you see, for all the sparrowness, is still a love in the key of G flat because it carries the heartbreak of not feeling close to God. God’s key-of-G love for the world is not a heart breaking love, rather more a heart mending love, clothed in iridescent joy and delight in the thrill of Love’s perpetual unfolding as All. It is past the time for you, beloved light, to move up that half-step from G flat to G. It is from this key, reflecting an embodied awareness of your absolute oneness with God, that all that your eye alights on – even that which seems to be sorrowful – will be sung about in your heart of hearts, sung and shared that others’ eyes might be opened to glimpses of the wondrous truth of sparrowness, just as yours have always been. This beauty you so love is the nectar that nourishes; may it always be so for you.

Blessed Be

The Only Song


I went wading past the afternoon, hoping the skies would clear and stars appear.

But the clouds never left the moon. I’m still learning You’re here, always near.


And if no one ever hears my song will the forest still know, the candle glow?

Is the Light shining all along? And when it’s time to go, will the path be shown?


Over and over the Knowing comes through.

I’m making my way past the cloud-covered moon

By rowing my little boat

It is the best I can do.

I see:  It all comes back to You.


I went driving down the River Road, hoping for a word or two, some sign from You,

To show me how to ease a heavy load. You said, “You’ve gotta change your point of view. I’m not apart from you.”


I asked, “Do I deserve to love the one I choose?” You said, “Remember, I’m the one who made you, the one who named you.

You’ve been given nothing you can lose. Love is never wrong, it is the only song.”


Over and over the Knowing comes through.

I’m making my way past the cloud-covered moon

By rowing my little boat.

It is the best I can do

I see: It all comes back to You.

It all comes back to You.


The Only Song, music and lyrics by Amy Pierce, © 1998, Happy Qi Music

* line from Libera’s Something Sings

** Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, ©1993, pub. Llewellyn Worldwide

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