The Summer of My Discontent

This happened: I gave my Power away. It was not the first time.

I Am okay; it’s over; I Am relaxed now. (Well, not so; perhaps in time.)

Hummingbird: Driven by its need for sweetness, its entire Being resonates at the frequency of Nectar so as to fill its wee Self with a necessary satiation that never quite comes, or so it seems. This is the miracle that IS Hummingbird.

What drives us puny humans? (You’ll bristle when I call us puny, but puny we are when compared to Hummingbird.) The deepest drive in me is to sit at the feet of “God-as-Hummingbird” (or God-as-Cedar; or God-as-Moon) and to, as Joanna Macy says, “sustain the gaze.” I fail at every attempt. Except for the times when I don’t.

That most “prolific and cherished poet,”* Mary Oliver, speaks of the “holiest of laws: Be alive until you are not.”** She also admonishes, “Let me keep my distance, always, from those who think they have the answers.”*** I am painfully learning both edicts.

If Hummingbird is, like us, anxious about finding its nectar, is it aware of its anxiety? I don’t believe so. Hummingbird, like God, simply IS.

Oh to be so blessedly free, so marvelously driven to God’s sweet nectar without fear’s burden that it cannot be had.


*Donna Seaman, Booklist

**Mary Oliver, The Singular and Cherished Life

*** Mary Oliver, Mysteries, Yes

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