On This Good Sunday, Lilies, Not Thorns

I have arisen this day. This day unlike any other, yet a day just like any other. For this day, as all days, brings to me the choice to look upon myself as inherently good and worthy. And to look upon my brother and sister as myself.

What makes this day unlike, yet like, any other is the choice I make anew to lift the veil of illusion and separation I have created between you and me for purposes led by fear of Truth. You see, heaven is entered into two by two* – and entered because of my choice to see you as the Holy One, to look upon you no longer as a threat to my specialness.* Rather, to now see you as a reflection of my perfection in truth. Our deep-seated self hatred vanishes in such a Holy Instant.* And in that instant this world, also holy, is seen with new eyes.

Easter is the time for lilies, not thorns;* the time for genuine humility (the full knowing of Who we are), not specialness; the time for the heavy stone of burdensome guilt to be rolled away so that the purest light of our true Being may shine in all its beauty and power. Without guilt, we are free to look upon each other, and upon our hearts, our beacons in love, and call all of it Good.

On this Good Sunday, lift the bushel under which you have hidden your Light. In doing so, you illumine All and permit our seeing the path home to our own healed hearts.

On this Good Sunday, permit the day to be a day unlike any other as you give forth a simple acknowledgment: “I forgive my forgetfulness* of the truth of my eternal identity as the universal child of Consciousness Itself, the Mother-Father “God” of EverLove that sees not this world my fear hath made, but looks upon me and upon each of us as Itself, forever shining forth the Light of pure Love.”

Blessed Be.

*concepts from A Course In Miracles

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