Diamond in My Eye

Caribbean Stars (click to enlarge)

I have reason to believe we all will be received in Graceland.*

Forty five minutes ago I walked out into the night to put two more aluminum cans into the street-side recycling bin; late, with no one around except those in their beds that chorus the day and those in the grounds – tree, shrub, earth – that chorus the night. Diamonds glistening in the amalgam that makes up the street, “shining like a National guitar”* and twinkling overhead behind those layers and piles, pillows of midnight fluff-stuff we call clouds. I’d just finished watching the documentary, Fierce Grace, about Ram Das’s life after “being stroked.” The stroke is “the path” for him now, the way IN.

Under the diamonds above me and atop those below my feet (I had diamonds on the soles of my shoes**), I said to The Ram (God), “Open me in such a way that I cannot deny the You of Me.”  And then I came in and wrote down these words:

Diamonds in the streets

Diamonds in the skies

Lucy’s running wild behind

The diamonds in her eyes

It’s all a crazy dream

Till the moment that we die

When everything that seems

Is but a twinkle in The Eye

“Open me” I say “so I nevermore deny

The Ram beneath my feet

The Ram behind the sky”

When Lucy’s running wild

She’s still a diamond in His Eye

And when I lay me down

I’ll be the diamond in My Eye.


*Paul Simon, from Graceland

**Paul Simon, thanks to Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes

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