All is Calm, All is Bright

Always doing my best to attend to whatever “good” or “bad” shows up (and really, it’s all good!), a few days ago, in a semi-vegitative state in front of THE BOX (tv), I heard a commercial that included the Christmas carol, Silent Night. Knowing it by heart like many of you do meant that I only halfway noticed, till suddenly, as if someone adjusted the volume, the words “all is calm, all is bright” stood out all shiny, just like the proverbial “Baptist Winda”.  The “all is calm, all is bright” simply pulled me up short.

The message, such a powerful contradiction to what is going on all over the world, would, for most of us, understandably spike our cynicism. Yet, instead of that, I allowed myself to claim it as true, a grounding symbol of my own intentions as I continue to “show up” to my life as my life shows up to me, responding, rather than reacting, as best I can in any given moment. (And believe me, I ain’t perfected that practice yet.)

“All is calm, All is Bright” is akin to the message I last wrote about here, the  one that woke me from slumber a few months ago with the words, “Be prepared to accept the best.” That earlier message, just like this one will do, became part of my . . . what shall I call it . . . “my path to peace” rather than my arsenal against something. Call me Pollyanna if you must, but here and now, I’m prepared to accept the best. All is calm; all is bright. BTW, no virgins necessary. And as Frederick Buechner wrote, “Be Joyful, though you have considered all the facts.”


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