Straight on Till Morning…

Soul Notes, Straight on Till Morning…

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I sometimes open my mind to words of wisdom/guidance/teaching from my Higher Self. The following is one of these posts.

Just as the sky reveals its billions of stars and planets every night, all for your enjoyment and wonder (and as a reminder of where you come from), in the stillness of the Heart are multitudes of greater and greater possibilities of your own design once you awaken to who you really are.

Sometimes you feel that you cannot hear “me” – that aspect of “you” that is most evolved. Your hearing is much sharper than you realize. But knowing how much you love to write, to feel the pen glide across your journal’s silky, gridline paper, and appreciating your appreciation as you watch shapes turn into letters turn into words on pages waiting to come to life under your hand, I am delighted to communicate with you in this tactile and visual way.

You hesitate to write what it is you wonder if you are hearing, that your financial health is improving. And yes, you are correct about the tenuousness of the times in which you and others on your planet are currently living. Much is breaking down so that greater possibilities can be actualized. In the decades to come, your experience of this earth will be much more to your heart’s design.

Peter and Wendy

The more you wholeheartedly remain in your “gratitude for all things” practice, the more easily you will move through the changes now and to come on your home away from Home. Your “I’m grateful for… ” mantra is indeed bringing you more into alignment with your High Heart, the chakra between the physical heart and throat that is associated with higher consciousness and referred to as the “soul seat.” All possibilities reside in the “emptiness” of the aligned Heart. As you teach others to, as you say, “heal the holdings of the heart,” you are actually teaching them to find their own alignment with the High Heart.

It is the Realized High Heart that permits the creation of openings instead of closings, possibilities instead of failings, partnerships instead of oppositional relationships. And it is your gratitude practice in combination with your deepened willingness to “judge not by appearances” that has opened both the door of your Heart and the door of your office. These energy shifts ride the tail of the comet that became visible in the night sky of your world when you said “Yes” to the reality that it is time for you to receive what others are ready to give.

You well remember the afternoon that you and your dear Ginger kitty spent time in the closet as tornadoes were ravaging the region. You felt no fear, except once. And at that moment, to bring yourself back to your sense of safety you began to sing, making up songs for Ginger, who was, of course, fast asleep under the yoga pad. That afternoon, the songs brought peace and trust back to your heart, even in the midst of survivor guilt.

There has always been music in your heart; now, with your recent practices more firmly in place, there’s music in your world. And your heart will continue creating melodies of greater and greater possibility for your life, for your experience of your world. Remember, there are billions of worlds on this world you call Earth, each one of them unique to the individual who has created it. Even though all of you share many collective thought forms and perceptions, each of you has his or her own world. And each of you has the power within you to create it anew every morning, every night, every moment in between the inhale and the exhale.

"You just think lovely, wonderful thoughts and up you'll go."

The lyric you wrote in your twenties – “The stars are all singing and the well’s never dry, and dreams live in treetops that paint on the sky” – is true. You are limitless once you are willing to claim that truth. Perhaps there is one recommendation I could make at this juncture in your world: Rather than permit yourself to fall back down a rabbit hole of  “Neverland” as possible for everyone but you, you might let yourself just sing your song a bit louder. By this is meant, trust what you have created; trust that it is you who has brought this new energy you are now living. You and no one else. Rather than fall into the old familiar fear of losing what you’ve gained, just sing a bit louder and hitch a ride on the first star you see tonight. Better yet, take the “second star to the right, then straight on till morning.”*

“I’m flying.

(Flying, flying, flying)

Nothing will stop me now

Higher still, look at how

I can zoom around,

Way up off the ground

I’m flying.”**

I’m Flying, sung by Mary Martin

Neverland, sung by Mary Martin

*From Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up, 1904, by James M. Barrie (“star” added by Disney, 1954)

**I’m Flying and Neverland, from Peter Pan, the Musical, music and lyrics by Charlap, Styne, Leigh, Comden, and Green

Illustrations by Mable Lucie Attwell

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